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Monday, February 11, 2013

Meet Bella and Lou

I recently purchased the Sew Fab e-pattern bundle, and one of the first things I made was a Ruby Lou doll for my daughter.

The Ruby Lou Doll pattern is by Sew Much Ado and is one of 18 patterns included in the sale (read below how to purchase it along with 17 other patterns).  The pattern was so easy to follow because of the well written instructions and all the information included on the pattern pieces themselves.

I wanted my version to be as cute as the one on the pattern cover, so I laid out several fabric combinations and let Ella choose her favorite.  She picked out fabrics from Anna Marie Horner.  The body of the doll is Clippings in Cherry while the sleeves and one side of the skirt are Buoyancy in Butterberry.  The collar and leggings are Hugs and Kisses in Lime while the reverse side of the skirt is Triflora in Lipstick.

I didn't have any wool felt on hand at the time, so I just used craft felt for the shoes and hair.  I did check on wool felt at the store after I finished the doll, but it is very pricey even for the wool blended variety.  The craft felt seems to be holding up just fine.

To my surprise, when I gave the Ruby Lou doll to my daughter, my son was disappointed that I didn't make one for him.  He's 8 years old, and although he loves stuffed animals still, I had no idea he would have wanted a doll.  I immediately offered up to make him a boy version.

But here's the thing--the Sew Much Ado Ruby Lou Doll pattern only comes with a girl version of the doll!  No problem!

To make the boy version, I simply left off the strands of hair, skirt, the cutouts on the shoes, and eyelashes.  I then drafted a quick jeans pattern and whipped up a pair.  I also drafted a pattern piece to make a hood for the doll's shirt and cut out a couple of extra pieces of fabric to make a kangaroo style pocket on the front of the shirt.

When he's not wearing his jeans, he has on pj's (according to my son).

What I ended up with was this adorable boy doll that made my son's face light up (and my heart melt).  My son named him Lou.

Oh, and I forgot to mention.  Ella named her doll, Bella!  Meet the newest members of our family!

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  1. Adorable! I love how you made a boy version too.

  2. Awww - you made the boy version, I love it Veronica!!!!

  3. oh that is the cutest, I hope my boy asks me to make him something someday! Love the dolls!


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