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Friday, February 15, 2013

Dangerous with Scissors Sewing Bag

My super talented friend, Heather from The Sewing Loft, asked me to test out a new machine stitched embroidery design she developed--Dangerous with Scissors!

It took only 20 minutes to stitch up on my Brother PE770 embroidery machine and another 30 to 40 minutes to make this sewing bag.

What a super cute quick project!  And I needed a little bag just like this to carry some sewing to work on while I wait for my daughter at dance lessons!

If you'd like to snag this fun embroidery design for yourself, head over to The Sewing Loft where Heather is generously offering the file for free when you subscribe to her newsletter!

To make my bag, I cut out two pieces of canvas fabric that were roughly 12" wide by 18" long. Since this fabric is already very thick, I only used a piece of tear away stabilizer as backing for the embroidered side.  After stitching out the design, I sewed the canvas pieces together to make the simple bag then inserted the gussets at the top for the handles.

I had thought I would buy some rope to use for the handles, but at the last minute I decided to just use some fabrics I had on hand that had lots of purple in them which matched the thread I used for the Dangerous with Scissors design.

I cut out three 1" strips of fabric the width of the fabric (roughly 42") and then braided them together. Slip the ends through the gussets and tie them off with a sturdy knot.  These handles ended up being just the right length for me in case I want to carry the bag on my shoulder.

This cute Dangerous with Scissors embroidery design would also be ideal for use on a zipper pouch, apron, pillow, or t-shirt for a sewer or a hair stylist. And don't forget, Heather's offering the design file for free when you subscribe to her newsletter at The Sewing Loft.


  1. Love the way this turned out! Thanks so much for sharing how you used the design.

  2. Great idea and the bag is perfect for anything...

  3. I love this! One more reason I really want to get an embroidery machine some day. This bag turned out great.

  4. Cute, love the embroidery, now stop giving me a reason to buy another sewing machine :-)


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