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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Teardrop Bag Zipper Pouch & Tissue Holder

Sorry I haven't shared my matching Teardrop Bag Zipper Pouch and Tissue Holder with you until now. I've been very busy these last few days preparing items for a consignment sale, taking care of a sick little boy, cleaning house, and working on my new blog design.  Whew!

But I'm here today to show you the zipper pouch and tissue holder I made to go with my Teardrop Bag.

These two items were very simple to make. I used Simplicity 9949 Bag E to make both; however, I chose to line the zipper pouch (which the pattern does not do).

Nothing fancy here.  Just pretty plan and simple.  I like the size of this zipper pouch--the finished size is 5" x 8"--and I opted to add a loop and button closure to the tissue holder just for fun.

Again, I used Joel Dewberry's Aviary 2 Bloom in Granite and Ironwork in Granite for the exterior and canvas duck cloth for the lining.  Love these fabrics!

Love them so much that I think I'll make another pouch or two out of it for the Make Because She's Worth It Campaign.

If you haven't heard about this already, it's an effort among the sewing/crafting community to help stop human trafficking and slavery of women and girls.  Other bloggers and readers are combining forces to Make zipper pouches and bracelets to give to those women and girls who are rehabilitating from sexual slavery.

I hope you'll consider joining this worthy effort.  If so, please visit The Train to Crazy or the She's Worth It websites for more information.


  1. Lovely fabric I need to buy that pattern

  2. I know this is one year later....but I've had this pattern and just decided to make the zippered pouch. I also decided to line it. I am a very beginner sewer. I cannot figure out how to sew the zipper to the pouch near the zipper pull (when opened). The entire pouch looks good, but undone on the one side. I plan on hand sewing the rest of zipper to pouch. Googling, I found your site. Any tips?

    1. CB, I tried to email you back, but you are a no-reply comment blogger which means your comment was left without an email address. I hope you see my response! There are two things you could do. One, before you sew the zipper to the fabric and with the zipper closed, either hand stitch or machine stitch the zipper tape together about a half inch beyond the zipper pull. This will keep the ends of the zipper together even when the zipper is unzipped. Another way to attach the zipper, and I find this useful when I have a zipper that is an inch or two shorter than the pattern calls for, is to sew tabs across each end of the zipper before you sew it to the fabric. I love this tutorial that should show you what to do exactly. http://www.craftbuds.com/easy-lined-zipper-pouch/ Hope you figure it out!

    2. Thank you for your reply. I've been messing with zippers and so far, I'm not impressed with my work. I will keep trying, though! And figure out how to leave my e-mail when I comment...
      Thanks again, Cindy

    3. Just keep trying! I've really found that I prefer to use the method shown in the tutorial I mentioned above. I always get a better finish to the ends of my zipper on the pouch. Please let me know if I can do anything else to help!


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