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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Two Giveaways Ending Today! Hurry and Enter!

There are two giveaways ending today that I want to remind you to enter if you haven't already.

The first is the Craftsy Quilt-As-You-Go Tinker Tote Bag Class Giveaway!  Click the link HERE to go to the original post, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and enter the contest by signing up for or signing in to Craftsy.  One entry per person.  Winner will be announced here on the blog and on my sewVery Facebook page tomorrow, Wednesday, August 28th.

The Craftsy class winner is Chelle (aka Kweenbee)!  Chelle, just log into your Craftsy account to see the class waiting for you!

I haven't made the bag yet, but I did test out my quilt-as-you-go skills that I learned in the class by making this cute potholder!  The class shows you how to make one, too!

It's not too bad for my first attempt (at least I don't think it is)!

The second giveaway I want to remind you to enter is for the $20 gift card I am giving away to Spoonflower over at Pattern Revolution.  This contest closes in just a few hours, too, so be sure to enter HERE in my guest post on How to Make Your Own Clothing Labels.  Again, the winner will be announced tomorrow, Wednesday, August 28th, here and on my Facebook page as well as on Pattern Revolution.

The $20 Spoonflower gift certificate winner is Cynthia F. Cynthia, I'll be emailing you shortly!  Congrats!

You can make a ton of labels, like the one below, in a variety of colors and sizes using my tutorial!  Please be sure to check it out!

See you all here tomorrow with the names of the winners!  Thanks for all your support and friendship!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Princess Audrey Dress

I just adore the Audrey Cross Over Party Dress Pattern from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop!  You may remember the first one I made earlier in the summer.  It had such a vintage feel to it because of the fabrics and the trim I used, and it reminds me of my childhood!  Oh, those were the days...

Well, I decided to make Ella a second Audrey Dress, but this time, I chose bright, modern prints to make it seem more playful and casual.  What I came up with I dubbed the Princess Audrey Dress!

Don't you just love a pattern that is great for both dressy and casual styling?  I do!

I am an affiliate for Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop, but all opinions in this post are 100% my own.

This time, I made the bodice of the dress using a size 6 and the skirt using size 5.  I was much happier with the fit as a result.  While both dresses fit well and are comfortable to Ella, the second dress is a little looser making it easier for her to dress herself.

Besides mixing sizes, the only other thing I did differently on this dress was to make the back opening more of a keyhole cutout with a tie closure.

I can't claim this as my own idea sadly, but it did come from another great Peek-a-Boo Shop Pattern that I use often--the Evelyn Dress and Swing Top Pattern.

Let's talk about the fabrics.  I just love these fabrics!  They make me want to smile every time I see them!  All the different prints are from Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman.  Kelle designs the most fun, colorful collections that are great for apparel, home decor, or accessories.  I even made Ella a matching backsak to go with the dress (there's a glimpse of it in the pic below)!  Want to know more about the backsak? Read about it HERE.

The skirt is Girl Friends in Jewel while the bodice, sash, and binding are both Ovals in Pink and Ovals in Summer  from her Remix collection.  I've had the best time sewing with these fabrics and others that Kelle herself sent me to try out!

This version of the Audrey Cross Over Party Dress turned out exactly how I envisioned it!  And the best part--Ella loves it and has worn it so many times that I've lost count!

Apparently, just wearing this dress can make you want to act silly!

Today is Thrifty Thursday at Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop, and that means one special pattern is on sale for today only for just $4!  This week's sale pattern is the Hangout Hoodie!  I've had it for a while now and need to make up a couple for Ella for the fall.  Guess I better go and get sewing!

Thanks for stopping by to see my Princess Audrey Dress.  Hope you'll come back again soon or maybe hop over to my post from yesterday to enter a giveaway to win a free Craftsy class!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Craftsy Class Giveaway!

Have you ever taken a sewing, crafting, or quilting class from Craftsy?  They are great if you are just learning to sew or learning a new sewing technique--like me!

Today I'm reviewing the Craftsy Quilt-As-You-Go Patchwork Bags Class by Tara Rebman. Craftsy provided me with this class free of charge, but all opinions provided in this post are my own.

As many of you know, I love to sew clothes and bags, but I'm not too much of a quilter.  I've quilted a few small projects, but I am definitely not well versed in "quilting" language or techniques, so I was excited about this opportunity to take an online class to learn a few new sewing tricks and eventually make a bag!

Now, my review today is solely on the class itself.  Presently, I have not had the time to actually try out these methods and the pattern, but I am anxious to do so!  Now to find a little extra time!

The great thing about a Craftsy online class is the flexibility to take the class when you have time to take it.  You can also skip over sections of the lesson that you might already find familiar or replay over and over again parts that you don't!

In the online quilting class that Tara offers, I learned a technique called quilt-as-you-go (QAYG). For those of you not familiar with this term (like me), you essentially take scraps of fabric one piece at a time and quilt them with straight-line stitching onto your batting.  You continue to piece the scraps of fabric together while alternating your stitch direction with each new piece.

Tara not only shows you the steps of the QAYG method, but she also shows you how to create the fabric membrane for a Tinker Tote Bag using this technique.  The pdf pattern for the tote bag is included with the lesson.

The Tinker Tote Bag is a medium to large size bag with built in straps.  Tara provides tips on how to make the bottom of the bag with leather or with fabric, and she gives you a step-by-step tutorial on how to make both an interior slip pocket and zippered pocket as well as how to attach a magnetic closure.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the class and the pattern.  I learned some new quilting terms and techniques that I can't wait to try out when I find time to make my own Tinker Tote Bag!  I think I'll get a little practice first by making a pot holder like she shows you how to do as well.

This Craftsy Craftsy Quilt-As-You-Go Patchwork Bags Class is great for either someone wanting to learn to quilt or a quilter who wants to learn to make a bag!  And today, you can enter a giveaway for a chance to win this very same class from Craftsy!

To enter the giveaway to win the Quilt-As-You-Go Patchwork Bags Class by Tara Rebman, just sign up for Craftsy using the link below, or if you are already a member, simply sign in using the link for an entry. Only one entry per person.  The winner will be selected at random and announced here and on my sewVery Facebook page next Wednesday, August 28th!

and the winner is

Once you've signed up for Craftsy and entered the giveaway for the QAYG class, be sure to click the link here for the FREE Mastering Zippers Class!

Thanks again to Craftsy for allowing me to review this great class.  I can't wait to make my own QAYG Tinker Tote Bag!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guest Posting at Pattern Revolution + Giveaway to Spoonflower

Today I'm guest posting at Pattern Revolution with information on how I made my sewVery clothing labels!

Be sure to check it out and to enter the giveaway to enter a $20 gift card to Spoonflower from ME so you, too, can make your own labels!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Embroidered Terry/Cuddle Burp Cloth Tutorial

Hi, everyone!  Today I'm guest posting at My Cuddle Corner, the new blog for Shannon Fabrics, and sharing my tutorial on how to make these soft embroidered terry cloth/Cuddle burp cloths.

You may remember my tutorial post from a few days ago for the matching Simple Baby Wash Cloth.  If you missed it, look it up HERE or just click the picture below.

The embroidered font I used on the burp cloth is the Arizona Monogram Set from Embroitque. I've used it a few times on other projects, and I'm so pleased with how well it stitches out.

Make both projects along with a matching bib for a quick, personalized baby shower gift that the recipient will love!  I'll have a blog post on how I put together the bib in the coming days, but in the mean time, please head over to My Cuddle Corner for my Burp Cloth Tutorial and for other great Cuddle projects!

Disclaimer:  Shannon Fabrics provided me with the terry cloth and Cuddle fabrics, but all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Hope you enjoy these tutorials!  Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Have fun sewing!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Darling Daisy Top and Ruched Edge Shorts + Giveaway

My friend, Melissa, from the blog Sew Like My Mom has dipped her toe into the pdf pattern design making pool and developed the Darling Daisy Dress Pattern.  This is one that you'll definitely want to own.

When the pattern first debuted a few weeks ago, I knew this style would be perfect for my very active little one to wear for play dates in the hot, southern sun!  I'm so glad that Melissa offered to let me try out her new pattern!

I had every intention of making a two-tiered dress for Ella, but after I attached the first tier and had her try it on for fit, I fell in love with it as a top!  I decided instead to just hem the bottom and then make her a cute pair of matching shorts with the fabric I planned to use for the bottom tier.

Let me just say I am in love with this outfit!  The Darling Daisy Dress Pattern couldn't be simpler, and because of the different tiers, you can obviously make a variety of looks like a top, a dress, or even a maxi dress with this one pattern!  Melissa's technique for adding the ruched neckband was a cinch, and resulted in the perfect fit!

For the top above, I used the sizing chart as my guide to compare to Ella's measurements and decided to go with a size 6.

The bodice of this top could easily be monogrammed for a personal touch or embellished with buttons like I added.  Since the front and back are identical, the buttons also help make it easy for Ella to know the front from the back when she is getting dressed by herself.

For the shorts, I used a basic Butterick shorts pattern (Butterick B4503 View E) that I have used many times before when I want to jazz up a design.  For instance, I've used this several times with my Scalloped Edge Shorts Tutorial!

I cut out the fabric according to the shorts pattern (but did shorten them a little at the shorten/lengthen line) and assembled them per the pattern instructions.  I then decided to add ruching to the edge of the shorts using this simple tutorial I found over at Daisy Chain Creations.

I will be using this tutorial on lots of other pieces (including tops, pants, you name it) in the future for sure!

Don't you think the ruched edging on the shorts ties the outfit together since the neckline of the Darling Daisy Top has that ruched effect?

To make the two pieces look even more like an ensemble, I sewed a matching button on the top of the ruched edging on the shorts.  It also add a little pop of color.

And I couldn't be more pleased with the fit of the shorts, too.

If you are wondering why Ella looks a little nervous, it's because mosquitoes were after her!

If you'd like you hand at making a similar top or maybe an adorable dress using the Darling Daisy Dress Pattern by Sew Like Your Mom, then you are in luck!  Melissa has graciously offered up one copy of her pattern for a sewVery reader!  Just be sure to enter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
But if you just can't wait until the contest is over and want to get started on your own outfit right away, then grab a copy of the Darling Daisy Dress Pattern in her shop HERE!  You'll be glad you did!

Thanks again, Melissa, for providing me with the pattern to try out!  Now to find some more cute coordinating fabrics in my stash to make another great summer outfit!

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Days for Girls Charity Project

Last year I made several pillowcase dresses that I donated to Little Dresses for Africa to distribute to girls in need.  You can see all the dresses I made by upcycling mostly my husband's discarded button-up dress shirts HERE.  

I sent the dresses to Margaret who was asking the online community for help to make at least 50 dresses that her local Junior Woman's Club would then pay to send on to the girls through Little Dresses for Africa. Well, about a month ago, Margaret contacted me again asking for help with a slightly different project.

This year, her Junior Woman's Club is asking for the sewing community to help make liners and shields for girls and women in impoverished communities around the globe.  These items will be combined with other personal items to be distributed through the Days for Girls organization.

To be honest, I had never given any thought to what women in undeveloped countries do when they have their monthly period.  Have you?  

I mean, we take for granted that in every grocery store, pharmacy, gas station convenience store, and department store, we can choose from a wide variety of disposable feminine hygiene products to serve our monthly needs.  But after reading the testimonials and other information on the Days for Girls website, I was definitely on board to help make a few shields and liners for this group. I never would have imagined something so simple as sanitary supplies as being able to give so much back to these young girls and women.  They help restore not only their dignity, but also give them the ability to return to school or work instead of staying home while on their period.

Using the patterns and video found HERE on the Days for Girls website, I was able to sew up 7 shields and 16 liners in roughly 3 hours.  That time included cutting out the fabrics as well.  If I had had more PUL fabric for the liners, I could have easily sewn up more!

I mailed these off without the snaps attached to the shields since I do not own the tool or supplies to install them, but no worries.  Volunteers at Days for Girls will add them later!

Shield with Liner
For those of us fortunate enough to be browsing the internet on our computer, phone, or other mobile device, it's sometimes easy to forget that not everyone in the world has the modern conveniences that we do.  I hope you'll consider using your gifts and talents to help Margaret and her Junior Woman's Club meet their goal of 200 shields and 800 pads which will enrich the lives of dozens of girls who are less fortunate.

If you'd like to learn more about this cause and how you can help, please contact Margaret at margaretandrade@hotmail.com and read the Days for Girls website.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Backsak Perfect for a Princess + Pattern Giveaway

Today I'm sharing with you this fun, practical Backsak that I made using one of the patterns in the Back 2 School Pattern Pack by Get Your Crap Together.

Believe it or not, school started a week ago where I live, and although my little girl is not even attending pre-k this year, she wanted to be prepared for school like her older brother.  I offered to make him his own Backsak, but he was content using the same backpack from last year.  Lucky for Ella!

To make Ella's Perfect for a Princess Backsak, I used Ann Kelle's Girl Friend's in Jewel fabric for the main part and Remix in Sky fabric for the pocket.  Kelle graciously offered me these fabrics to play around with, and I can honestly say I love them!  You'll definitely be seeing LOTS more of her fabrics around here soon! By the way, both fabrics are manufactured by Robert Kaufman and can be purchased at a number of online and local fabric shops.

If you are the type of person that prefers a pattern even for rectangular shapes, then you are in luck!  All the patterns (and there are 9 total) in the Back 2 School Pattern Pack are actual pattern pieces that you use to cut out your fabric.  So for the Backsak pattern, I only had to print out 3 sheets of paper!

The written instructions were easy to understand and accompanied by lots of color photos.  While the actual pattern design for the Backsak includes just a slip pocket on the outside, I decided to turn the exterior pocket into a zippered/slip pocket combo.

To do that, I basically cut out an extra pocket piece and then sewed the zipper to the top edge leaving the sides and bottom open.  Next, I positioned the pocket onto one of the outer pieces of the Backsak and pinned only the bottom layer of the pocket in place.  I marked the vertical center of the pocket (on the wrong side of the pocket fabric) and then stitched only the bottom layer of the pocket along this line to just below the zipper.  I then stitched parallel to the zipper along the top of the line I just stitched in order to reinforce it.

By sewing the pocket on this way, the Backsak now has an outer zippered pocket plus two outer slip pockets.  In order to make the Backsak fit more comfortably on Ella, I had to shorten the straps a few inches by tying a knot on each side at the bottom.  As she grows, I can untie the knots for more years of use!

Making Ella's Perfect for a Princess Backsak was a breeze!  I finished the entire project in just under an hour and really enjoyed making her this bright, cheerful bag.  She loves the fabric and the bag!  It's just right for carrying princess supplies!

If you are preparing for your child or children to start back to school soon, then this pattern pack has some great, simple projects that will help you do just that!  To check out the other patterns included in the Back 2 School Pattern Pack by Get Your Crap Together, just click HERE.  I think I'll be making some reusable snack bags next!

To see other great items made using the Back 2 School Pattern Pack, be sure to follow along the Bus Tour and visit all the other talented bloggers!  Oh, and I almost forgot!  Be sure to enter the giveaway below to win your very own copy of the Pattern Pack!

Get Your Crap Together

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Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope you'll decide to come back again real soon by following along using Bloglovin' or any of the other social media buttons listed at the top right hand side of the blog page. Have a great day!

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