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Saturday, November 15, 2014

sewVery Simple Remote Control Organizer Tutorial

We have a big problem in our house. Someone is always misplacing the remote control to our television. Plus, if the kids want to watch a DVD, it's a 5-minute search for the other two remotes required to change the TV setting and start the DVD player.

But no more! I finally took the time to make our family a remote control organizer for the sofa end table. Now as long as everyone puts the remotes in it, there is no more searching through the sofa, blankets, and pillows looking for the lost controller. What's even better is that this remote control organizer also works as a drink coaster to help protect our table. 

Want to make your own organizer, then I'm here to help! Just follow my sewVery Simple Remote Control Organizer Tutorial, and you'll have one for your home in about an hour.

First of all, I wanted a fashionable fabric to use for my remote control organizer since it will become a part of our living room decor. Second, I wanted the organizer to serve double duty as a coaster, and third, I wanted the organizer to stay secure on the table top. 

I achieved the first two items by using the wonderful laminated Echino fabric prints, Deer with Glasses and Blue/Green Ni-Co Geometric, provided by Modes4U. Modes4U has a wide selection of Echino laminates plus one of the best selections of Japanese fabrics around! 

To help keep the organizer in place on the table, I used non-skid, white gripper fabric for the back. It is the same fabric used on the bottom of children's footed pajamas.

Ready to make your own sewVery Simple Remote Control Organizer? Then let's get started!

Besides the normal sewing tools, here is what you need to cut out. You'll need to measure the width of the table you plan to keep it own to determine how wide to cut the Top Pieces for your organizer, but other than that, the measurements are all provided below.

Turn the remote organizer right side out and finger press the seams. Alternatively, you can use mallet to press the seams on the laminate and the non-skid fabric, but be sure to use a press cloth so the fabrics aren't damaged from the mallet! 

Turn in the raw edges at the opening and sew the opening closed by topstitching all around the perimeter of the remote control organizer. Ta-da! You're done!

Now sit back and enjoy a show--since you now know where the remote is and can change the channel!

Have FUN sewing!


  1. that's a great organizer! I can see it being helpful in a sewing room too! I've got a Craft Gossip post that links to your tutorial here:

  2. I really liked the concept.As per my requirement, I can choose the size of pockets to hide many items which makes table looks neat with out spreading more items on it.


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