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Friday, November 14, 2014

Making the Perfect Skirt--for You!

I hardly ever wear skirts. It's not because I don't like them, it's simply because I can never find a ready-to-wear skirt that fits my proportions properly and comfortably. Well, I decided to take matters into my own hands and learn how to draft a skirt to fit my body type! Keep reading to learn how I did it!

Here's my dilemma--my hip and mid-rise waist measurements (where I like my waistband to sit) are only 2.5" apart making it near impossible to find skirts--or pants--that fit! I decided to finally take measures into my own hands and try sewing a skirt designed to fit me!

How did I do that? I signed up for the Craftsy Design & Sew an A-Line Skirt Class (affiliate link) with the hopes that I could learn to design and draft a skirt that would be flattering on my body type. The a-line style of skirt is a very basic yet classic piece that when fitted properly, looks terrific on just about anyone. Plus, the a-line skirt is super simple to sew!

The class definitely delivered satisfactory results! After viewing the online class and taking a few notes, I measured my body (even though I dreaded the results) and followed Deborah's instructions on how to draft an a-line skirt using my measurements! An hour later, I had sewn myself a skirt!

Although the class does not include steps for making an elasticized waistband on your skirt, I successfully adjusted the waistband measurement to accommodate the stretch of elastic by making it the same width as my hip measurement (remember, they are only 2.5" apart). Using a 1.5" wide elastic helps to prevent the waistband from rolling and makes it extremely comfortable to wear.

This skirt fits me just the way I like--not too tight, partial elastic waist, and just the right length!

Deborah Moebes teaches the Design & Sew an A-Line Skirt class (affiliate link). She is such an energetic person and has a knack for teaching sewing skills to people. A couple of years ago, I took a conference class she taught on pockets and came away feeling confident and ready to conquer all types of pockets! After watching her skirt class, I felt the same way! She is thorough with her instructions and her delivery of the class material is a lot of fun to watch.

So, are you convinced that you, too, can design yourself the perfect fitting skirt? Be sure to head over to Craftsy (affiliate link) for more tips from me on how to make the perfect skirt just for you! Plus, you can view some of the amazing skirts that Craftsy users made after taking the Design & Sew an A-Line Skirt class (affiliate link).

I challenge you to go sew yourself something that makes you feel great! I did, and now I can wear skirts!

Have fun sewing!


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