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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oliver + S Music Class Blouse

With the arrival of cooler weather, Ella was in desperate need of a new long sleeve blouse that met her standard school attire requirements. Instead of buying her another basic knit polo style skirt, I decided to make her a few new blouses using the many wonderful patterns already in my collection!

One pattern I've had for a while and have been meaning to sew is the Oliver + S Music Class Blouse.

This pattern is amazing! I have loved every O+S pattern I have tried, and the Music Class Blouse is definitely no exception. Just look at all the details!

  • Tiny pleats on the front and back of the blouse
  • Front yoke and back yoke
  • Rounded collar
  • Button cuffed sleeves
  • Button front placket

Details usually mean more time sewing, but the result is definitely worth it! Plus, I chose to line the collar, the cuffs, and the placket all with a beautiful, tiny floral print to keep Ella's new blouse unique and feminine.

For the main fabric of the blouse, I used a high quality 100% cotton blue Oxford cloth I bought at The Children's Corner.

Ella has worn this blouse several times to school already, and although the O+S Music Class Pattern comes with a skirt design as well, I've paired it with the Shaffer Sisters' Betty Skirt instead. Be sure to come back tomorrow to read all about the Essex Linen Betty Skirt I made.

And if you are interested in seeing another great girl's blouse pattern I've sewn for Ella's school wardrobe, check out this lovely white Ayashe top!

Now, I have a few more blouses and pants to get sewing! See you again tomorrow, and have FUN sewing!

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  1. SUPER CUTE, Veronica!!! Love what you did with the floral peaking out.....


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