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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Lovely Rita's Jeans

Today I'm sharing with you the second pair of Shwin & Shwin Designs Lovely Rita's pants that I've made.

A while back, Shauna made some modifications and added sizes to the original pattern, and she asked me to test it out.  The first pair of Lovely Rita's that I made Ella are still one of my absolute favorite things I have ever sewn for her, so of course I jumped at the chance to make another pair.

First Pair of Lovely Rita's that I made

I made both pair a size 5T, but as you can see in the two pictures, the top pair (made using the revised pattern) has a skinnier fit.  I also omitted the button cuff at the bottom on that pair, giving them a more traditional skinny jeans look.

Obviously, I made these jeans a few months ago and never got around to sharing them on the blog. Today it's already in the 70's outside, so she definitely doesn't need a heavy coat now!

For this blue jean pair of Lovely Rita's, I used some medium weight denim with 2% spandex for a little stretch.  This fabric feels more like traditional store bought blue jeans while the black stretch denim I used for the first pair is a little thinner and softer.

The front pocket design stayed essentially the same and are really more decorative than anything since they aren't very deep.

The front of the jeans is flat with no gathers.  Also, Shauna made some slight changes in the pattern design which resulted in a better fit at the crotch.

For the rear pockets, I cut out a second pocket piece in a different fabric (in this case a pink with white polka dots) and lined the pocket instead of hemming the edges.  I find this to be easier, plus it adds a little decorative interest to the jeans.  I also used baby pink thread to add a pop of color.

The way the back of the pants is cut makes the waistband sit a little higher which helps prevent the jeans from slipping down when she bends over or squats down.

All-in-all, these have been Ella's favorite jeans this year.  She gets compliments on them often, and I've even been told they look store bought.  So if you are looking for a great skinny pants pattern for your daughter, I highly recommend the Lovely Rita's pattern.  I think it even goes up to size 8 now!

See you back here tomorrow for the next installment of Pants Week here at sewVery!

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  1. Those are so cute! I do like the way you did the pockets, and the pink thread is a great touch.


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