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Friday, April 19, 2013

More Lovely Rita's and a New Bimaa Top

Well, we've made it to the last and final day of Pants Week on sewVery.  I really appreciate everyone that's been following along.  That said, I hit a big milestone for the blog yesterday--200 blog followers!  And as of this morning, I am only 15 away from having 400 Facebook Likes!

So, I announced on FB yesterday that when I reach 400 Likes, I'll host a giveaway here on my blog.  I've got a couple of ideas in mind of what to give away, so please help me get those 15 Likes on Facebook by clicking sewVery.

Now, onto the pants.  Today's feature is another great pair of Shwin & Shwin Design's Lovely Rita's Skinnies.

I guess I can't say enough about how much I like this pattern.  This is my third pair, and they just keep getting easier and easier to make, especially with the pattern design changes that Shauna made to the revised version.

This flowered pair of Lovely Rita's is made using some bottom weight fabric from Joann's that has a bit of stretch to it.  The fabric isn't very thick--it feels kind of like a twill to me--and is ideal for this pattern.

I used the 5T size again, and as you can see, they appear looser than the Lovely Rita Jeans I showcased in Day 2, but the only thing I did differently to this pair is add the button flap detail to the bottom.  So, I think the thickness of the fabric definitely affects the overall fit of the pant.

On all three pair of Lovely Rita's I have made, I chose to fully line the rear pocket rather than fold and press under the seam.  I think it is just so much faster and easier to line it.  On the other two pair of pants, I did use a contrasting fabric, but this print has a lot going on, so I just used the same fabric for the lining.

One of the changes that was made to the revised version of the pattern was to make the waistband have elastic all the way around.  Now, I know what you are thinking, cause I thought the same thing. But the way the front of the pants is cut, there is very little gathering, so the pants maintain their flat front appearance and fit.  I think she made this change to help keep the fabric from bunching up so much on the top of the bum.  As you can see in these pictures, they are contoured to Ella's little tush, and the waistband is high enough in the back to prevent her underwear from peeking out when she bends over.

Ella loves the flowers on these pants and how comfortable they are.  The front pockets are functional but are mainly a design element, in my opinion, since they are so shallow.  She still likes having them to keep a Starburst on hand!

Ella is so happy I made her a Bimaa Top to wear with these Lovely Rita's, too.  This is the second Bimaa Top I've made using EmmyLouBeeDoo's Bimaa Sweater Pattern.  Here's the post to the first one.

I used ribbed knit with a bit of lycra or spandex in it for this size 5T purple/eggplant version.  The fabric is thicker than the fabric I used on the first Bimaa I made, but I think it works well still.  Again, as with the pants, the fabric type makes all the difference in fit.  Since this ribbed knit is a little thicker, the cowl neck is obviously thicker and bunches up more.  Also, even though I used the 4T sleeve length this time, the sleeves look a little long out of this fabric.  I'm not worried though.  It just means she can wear it again come Fall!

This sweater is amazingly simple to make, and the first Bimaa Sweater was the knit project that gave me enough confidence in sewing with knits to want to try other knit projects.  Sarah's website, EmmylouBeeDoo and her pattern have lots of helpful advice for using your serger to sew knits.  That information made a world of difference for me!  Thanks, Sarah!

And thanks to all of you who follow along on the blog and Facebook.  I can't believe how many friends I've made because of this blog.  I hope I get to meet more of you in person at Sewing Summit this year! Please recruit your friends to follow along on the blog and on Facebook, and when my sewVery Facebook page reaches 400 Likes, I'll host a giveaway!

Come back this weekend for a wrap up of all the pants I've made on the blog this past year and a half. You just might find something else you want to make!

Have a great day!



  1. OMG I am SO in love with this fabric! These came out beautifully, you make me want to buy the pattern now


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