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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pink Poodle Bows Ruffle Sleeve Top & Mini Skirt

With all the warmer weather we have been having, I decided I needed to finally make Ella the adorable Ruffle Sleeve Top and Mini Skirt from the pattern I won from Pink Poodle Bows back in late January.  You can read all about the contest I won hosted by KoJo Designs here.

PDF sewing pattern...The Ruffle Sleeve Top and Skirt  12m-5T, baby girls easy sew
Photo from Pink Poodle Bows
The pattern instructions are super easy to follow, and although you don't have to have paper pattern pieces to cut it out, they are provided for those who prefer them.  I just used the dimensions specified for a 4T and cut out all the rectangles, but I did use the cut-out guide provided in the pattern for removing a curve piece from the sleeve and a triangle from the bottom of the top.

The skirt took probably 15 minutes total to make.  I'm really happy with how it fits Ella, and I plan on using this pattern for making a few more skirts for the summer.

The top was very easy to sew together, and I really liked her tips for making and sewing the belted band onto the shirt.  However, if I make this top again, I think I will half the width of the band.  The proportions just don't seem right for such a little top, and because it is so wide, it wants to bunch up in the front.  I think 2" wide would be better.

The flutter sleeves are adorable, and Ella loves them because they make her feel like a butterfly!

I would definitely recommend this pattern to anyone, especially a beginner sewer.  It is simple, has easy to follow instructions, and comes with pattern pieces for those who prefer to have a paper guide when cutting out their fabric.  So, please head over to Pink Poodle Bows and check out all the other really cute patterns she has to offer.  Thanks again for the pattern!


  1. Oh that dress turned out so cute! Oh and Cherry blossoms are my fave... Janelle

  2. I have never seen a skirt and top like this. It looks like it's all one dress. An adorable dress in beautiful fabric!!!

    1. It does look like one piece. I'll try to add a couple of pictures of the separates later today. Thanks!

  3. So cute, and I love the cherry blossom fabric.

  4. Hi Veronica, I have presentd the "Liebster Award" to you you. Please see my most recent post for details!



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