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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vintage Patterns and an Antique Thread Case

This past weekend, we traveled out of town to visit with family "back home" where my husband and I grew up.  While there, I found an old box of sewing patterns that once belonged to my mom (and some to my grandmother). Most were for things she had made me.  I picked out some of my favorites and brought them back to my current home in case I want to make Ella a vintage outfit.

Here's what I found...

I'm pretty sure I have a pink skirt with suspenders made from the Simplicity pattern at the top right.  It's stored somewhere deep in Ella's closet right now or else I'd get it out to make a picture.  It has some condition issues, so I never made Ella wear it.

My favorite find is Simplicity 6124--the top with the peplum.  Ella just wears a size 3/4 now, so I guess I'll have to wait to try that one out unless I decide to do some pattern resizing.  After the sewing day I've had today, I think that won't happen any time soon.

The top two patterns here are a couple more of my favorites.  The maxi dress is so cute, so that is going on the to do list as well, and I just love the dress/top from the Simplicity 5483 pattern. My mom used to sew for other people, and I think that is where all three of these patterns came from.  

Ok, these three patterns were definitely my moms.  I had the wrap around skirt, the long skirt with big pockets, and the dress with the ties at the shoulder.  Skirts with fitted waists were always hard to fit on me because my natural waist is not much smaller than my hips.  Still have that same problem today.

This group of patterns brings back the most memories, probably because they were things my mom made me in high school and the first year or two of college.  We loved the Laura Ashley patterns (there's another one that I didn't find) and made them all numerous times.  For some reason, we called the romper a bubble romper.  I'm not sure if that is what everyone else called them back then or if that was just something my mom and I made up!

These dresses/jumpers were so large and loose fitting that I wore them years later when I was pregnant with Connor!  They worked great until the last month or two of my pregnancy when I outgrew the bust!  They are all now neatly packed away in my attic.  

Whew!  What a stroll down memory lane!  I love the memories though, and am so thankful to have them!

Just before we left "back home", my mother-in-law told me her sister had left me an antique thread display case if I wanted it.  I didn't hesitate to answer "yes!", and we managed to fit it safely into the trunk of my car for the 6 hour return drive.  It was already wrapped up for travel, so I didn't even see it until the day after we were home and unpacked.  It's made of all metal except for the front glass.  I've searched for an exact one online to try and determine its approximate age and value, but I haven't found one like it yet.  I know it's not a one-of-a-kind because my mother-in-law has one exactly like it!  

Thanks, Jeannie, for this wonderful treasure.  I promise to use it and take good care of it!  

What goodies have you found or been given lately?  I love making old things new again.


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing some history! I noticed the prices of some of the patterns, wouldn't if be lovely if they were that price now!!

  2. I love to look for old patterns at yard sales as all fashion comes back around and it's never too hard to modernize or update a look. I love the pants suits in simplicity 5384! And the Butterick sundresses. It's great that you still have some of these things and even if you can't pass down the exact item you can always make one for Ella. Can't wait to see which ones you make.


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