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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Me sewVery Lucky!

Winning a giveaway contest is so much fun!  I cannot believe that in less than a month, I have been randomly selected in two separate contests as the winner of some fabulous patterns!

Friday morning as I was reading through my blog list and checking out this week's competition on Project Run & Play, I saw a post stating that sewVery had won the Thursday Giveaway from Create Kids Couture.  I had checked my email earlier, but no message had been sent yet notifying me that I was the winner, so I was completely shocked to see me, sewVery, called out on such a popular blog!  A smile immediately swept across my face and my day was made right there.  Such a simple thing with such a big impact.

So now I was anxiously awaiting confirmation via email from the contest host or sponsor and perusing the Create Kids Couture shop in search of the three patterns that I definitely wanted to be mine.  I had already decided when I entered the contest that I wanted two of their romper patterns, but I had a difficult time narrowing down my third pattern selection.  But who am I kidding, it didn't take me that long to decide!

Just before heading out the door to take Ella to the doctor, I checked my blog comments and saw where the ladies from Simple Simon & Co. had posted a comment with the official notice that I won the contest, and that they "love" my blog!  First of all, that they even checked out my blog was just amazing, but to actually compliment it!  I'm flying high on Cloud 9!  Liz and Elizabeth from Simple Simon & Co. are so talented, and I truly admire both their sewing/crafting skills as well as thoroughly enjoy their blog posts and clothing creations.  Plus, they have taken Project Run & Play and made it into such an exciting competition!

I emailed them my information, and soon afterwards, Shannon and Tiffany from Create Kids Couture emailed me the downloadable pdf files of my selected patterns.  Here are the patterns I won!

Caroline's Princess Top PDF Pattern
Caroline's Princess Top
Anika's Ruffle Capris Romper PDF Pattern
Anika's Ruffle Capris Romper

I can't say thank you enough to the sponsor of the giveaway, Create Kids Couture.  I hope that you will check out their shop.

My sewing "To Do" list is getting so lo-n-n-g-g!  I better wrap up this post and get busy!  Come back soon to see the sewVery version of these rompers and top.  


  1. To me and I am not a expert, your writing is very good. I enjoy reading your blog.
    How is Ella and how is she doing?

    1. Thank you. She is feeling much better after getting some medicine for reflux from the doctor yesterday.

  2. Lucky you, I look forward to seeing what you make first.

  3. I know. I feel like I should run out and buy a lottery ticket!

  4. Great win!!! My 'To Do' list is never ending, because I keep finding fabulous ideas online.


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