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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Cherished Dress

As I mentioned a few days ago, I was the lucky winner of three patterns from Lilac Lane by Melissa Stramel.  So, this past weekend, I sewed together a Cherished dress for my cherished daughter.  I hope to save the dress for Ella to wear to her birthday party in a couple of months, but she has already asked to wear it a several times.  We'll see if I can wait that long!

Here it is!  I think it is sewVery adorable, but then again I did spend the better part of a day sewing this together, so I better like it!

The light blue fabric is a Minny Muu Japanese fabric by Lecien and the other is a cotton yellow/white check--both purchased at Textile Fabrics. The Lecien fabric is a little heavier than a normal cotton quilting fabric but seems to have a looser weave to it.  I've never had any of their fabrics before, but I've read and heard wonderful things about them.  Glad I found this piece and even have a yard left over for another project!  I have lots of the yellow check left, too, and I'm thinking Ella may need some pants made out of that.

The original Cherished pattern had different pockets that involved a snap and gathers, but I had a difficult time trying to get them sewn up according to the instructions.  After two tries, I decided to just go with this simple pocket instead, and I'm glad I did.  I really like the cuff detail I added to the top of the pocket, and I even covered the buttons in the same yellow check fabric.

I received the paper pattern from Lilac Lane instead of the digital version, and it is packaged beautifully and professionally. The instructions were detailed, but I did find myself confused a couple of times which resulted in my having to remove the sleeves and sewing them on the opposite side of the dress.  I think this was just my fault. 

I cut out the dress by the 4T for Ella who will just be turning 3 in a few months.  I'm glad I did because I think a 3T would have been too small for her.  

I also won the Cherished for Dolls pattern and the Joy Bag pattern.  I can't wait to find time to try these out as well!  Thanks again to Melissa at Lilac Lane for the patterns.  Please check out her shop.


  1. This is adorable!!! You've matched the two fabrics beautifully. Love the pocket cuffs and the the fabric covered buttons. I'd love for you to share this at my ongoing linky for girls' dresses...

    1. I meant to link it up right after I linked up my Charm School Handbag, but I got distracted by my little one. I'm sure I'll be adding more to both the bags and dresses link up once I get my posts written. I've got a few other recently completed projects that I would love to share! Thanks for hosting the link up party!

  2. This is adorable! I love the fabric. I want one =)

  3. Oh my goodness good job! I'm so sorry you had a very hard steps, but I'm happy to help any time. I was wondering if I can use your photo in a new issue of the Cherished pattern? Thank you!


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