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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sweetie Pie Baby Bib Pattern & Tutorial

Are you in need of a quick baby shower gift? Or do you have a baby or toddler who needs a stylish bib to protect their adorable handmade clothes? Either way, I've got you (and your baby) covered with my Sweetie Pie Baby Bib pattern and tutorial!

The round shape of the Sweetie Pie Baby Bib is just precious. The small bib size provides lots of coverage for a teething baby who needs help keeping moisture off his chest from drool while the large bib size is ideal for a self-feeding toddler. 

Sew the bibs with Ann Kelle's laminated cotton (slicker) fabric on the front and thick terry cloth fabric from Shannon Fabrics on the back to create the ideal barrier to protect your child's clothing. 

You can also use quilting cotton for the front, but please note that moisture will eventually wick through the cotton and terry cloth. Another alternative would be to use PUL fabric in a fun print or color for the front of the bib.

Let's get started!


  • Download the Sweetie Pie Baby Bib Pattern from Craftsy (affiliate link)
  • Cut 1 laminated cotton for the bib front 
  • Cut 1 terry cloth for bib back
  • Cut 2 each on bias - 1-3/4" x 30" quilting cotton - for the bib tie and binding
  • Thread
  • Glue stick 
  • Fabric marking pen
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Pinking shears
  • Teflon foot (optional)
  • Walking foot (optional)


1.  After downloading the pattern, cut out either the small or the large Sweetie Pie Baby Bib pattern piece. Use the pattern piece to cut out 1 piece of laminated cotton for the bib front and 1 piece of terry cloth for the bib back. 

TIP:  Use a fabric marking pen to trace around the pattern piece onto the terry cloth fabric and use regular scissors to cut out the fabric. The thickness of the terry cloth and the curves on the bib make cutting this type of fabric with a rotary blade difficult.

2.  Also create double fold bias binding by pressing the quilting cotton strips of fabric with an iron. 

3.  Use a washable glue stick that has white glue on the wrong side of the laminate fabric. Place the terry cloth piece on top so that wrong sides of both fabrics are together. This glue helps to keep the terry cloth in place without using pins or clips.

4.  Open up one strip of bias binding and match the raw edge of the binding to the raw outer edge of the bib from the terry cloth side. Sew the binding to the outer bib edge by sewing in the outer fold of the bias binding. 

5.  Slightly trim the outer edges of the bib using pinking shears or use scissors to clip the curve all the way around or do both as needed.

6. Refold the bias binding over the seam and to the front of the bib. Smooth out the bib along the curve with your fingers. If necessary, use a press cloth and a warm iron to lightly press over the bias binding to help flatten out the bib. The outer edges will likely want to curve down slightly. This is normal.

7.  Sew the binding in place from the front of the bib by covering the stitch line from the back with the binding.

TIP:  Sew on top of or just slightly to the right of the stitch line to keep your bobbin thread on the bias binding from the back side. Otherwise, your final stitch line will show on the terry cloth. If you are using white thread, then no big deal, but my black thread would definitely have shown!

8.  Finish the raw ends of the remaining bias bindng strip per your perferred method. This will be the bib tie.

9.  Find the center of the bib tie and unfold the bias binding at that point. From the back side of the bib, place this center point of the bib tie on the center of the unfinished curve. Pin.

10. Carefully extend the bib tie along the curve of the neckline in one direction and pin in place. Sew the bib tie to the bib along the neckline curve. Clip the curve.

11.  Fold the neck tie binding toward the front of the bib covering the raw edges of the bib and binding. Starting at one end of the neck tie, sew 1/8" along the edge to sew the bias binding closed. Continue sewing along the front neckline of the bib and to the other end of the neck tie.

12.  Flip the bib over to make sure all the seams are enclosed inside the bias binding.

13.  Tie the bib tie into a bow, and you are done!

Have FUN sewing!


  1. Cant wait to start..i luv this bib because it has ties..like when my kids were little


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