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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nora Dress by Children's Corner Store

Here's an adorable dress I sewed for Ella months ago--the Nora Dress Pattern from Children's Corner Store. While I tested this pattern in record time, I'm embarassed to say it has taken me wa-a-a-a-ay too long to finally share it on the blog! The Nora Dress is a drop-waist knit dress with short sleeves, but this exclusive tissue pattern also offers an A-line dress version and long sleeve options. 

The Children's Corner Store has a long reputation for outstanding tissue paper patterns that feature heirloom and smocking designs, but recently, the owners have been working to add new, trendier styles to their pattern offerings while maintaining the same high quality that their loyal customer-base expects. The Nora Dress Pattern does not disappoint!

I was lucky to be asked by the owners of Children's Corner Store to participate as a tester for the Nora Dress Pattern for the girl's size 8 drop-waist dress. Within a couple of hours of picking up the pattern from their store, Ella was outside wearing this dress for my photos! I love how both the dress and the pictures turned out!

As you can see in the picture below, the neckline of the dress if finished with a wide facing that is topstitched from the front with a double-needle or two rows of topstitching. I love the professional look and feel that this detail lends the dress.

The short, capped sleeves add to the comfort and simplicity of the sewing for this pattern. In fact, the Nora Dress Pattern would be the ideal pattern for a beginner sewer or someone new to sewing with knit fabrics since this design is best suited for more stable knits like interlock or jersey with less than 35% stretch.

The drop-waist skirt version is perfect for twirling in the yard, wearing on a playdate at the park, or simply lounging around the house! I love that the skirt is plenty long without me having to add length, and the bodice and sleeves have the perfect amount of ease for active little girls.

The skirt hem is professionally detailed with a double-stitched hem that can be sewn with a double needle or with two rows of stitching.

It was so much fun pattern testing again, especially for the Children's Corner Store. I've sewn their Taylor Pattern and Katie Patterns previously and just love their un-nested pattern pieces and attention to detail in the pattern instructions.

With Fall weather finally upon us, it's definitely time to sew together a long-sleeved version of the Nora Dress! Be sure to head to the Children's Corner Store to check out the Nora Pattern as well as the other fabulous tissue paper patterns that offer. Since I tested the Nora Dress, they have released a few other new designs as well.

Have FUN sewing!

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  1. I was lucky to test the Nora as well - It's really a great pattern!
    My girl declared her hands-down favorite as soon as she wore it ;)
    Your version is perfect and looks fab on your girl!


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