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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

sewVery Sunny Dress Tester Photos Round-Up

A couple of days ago, I released my first graded digital pdf sewing pattern--for FREE! It's the sewVery Sunny Dress Pattern in Sizes 5, 6, and 7.  Boy, was it a labor of love, but I had so much fun making it that I plan to complete the grading and add a couple of variations to the design.

In order to make sure the pattern pieces were graded properly for a good fit and the tutorial instructions were clear and thorough, I requested the help from a group of ladies via a tester call-out on my sewVery Facebook page.  Didn't they do an amazing job?

This great group of women volunteered to test my dress without knowing what it looked like or even the exact style of dress, but they all did a fantastic job! Their feedback was invaluable and helped me make some necessary modifications to the fit and clarify part of the tutorial instructions.

I hope they enjoyed testing my first graded pattern, but most importantly, I want their models to love wearing their new sewVery Sunny Dresses!

Keep reading to see more of their adorable models!

Carrie and Missy tested the size 7 dress for me. From their testing comments, I added length to the dress and to the straps.  I just love the solid deep purple fabric that Carrie used.  Carrie will be starting her own blog soon, and I can't wait to see all the projects she has been working on.

Photos via Carrie P.

Missy's granddaughter knows how to pose in her in pink polka dot dress! And that long red hair is so pretty!

Photos via Missy

Next up, we have Gretchen and Joni who tried out the size 6.  I created the pattern for my daughter in size 6, but I wanted to make sure it would fit other standard size 6 girls as good as my own!

Gretchen used a lovely vintage sheet for the main dress and accented it with a matching green and white polka dot fabric for the ruffle.  Gretchen has been a follower of my blog and Facebook page for a while, but until she tested, I didn't know about her Etsy shop, Pretty Little Pearl, where she sells the most amazing retro-inspired aprons!  You can really see her style shining through in her test dress, and I love it on her little girl!

Photos via Gretchen at Pretty Little Pearl

Joni was one of the first testers to send me her finished photos.  It was so gratifying to see her beautiful daughter wearing a dress of my own design--and it fit!  The light pink and gold fabric (Glitz by Michael Miller) was just perfect for this dress, don't you think?  I've got to get myself some of it soon!

Photos via Joni P.

I had several size 5 testers, and three are my friends who design children's patterns, too!  They all created beautiful versions of the sewVery Sunny dress.

First up is my good friend, RaeAnna.  Many of you may be familiar with her pattern shop and blog, Sewing Mama RaeAnna.  If not, go check out her pattern shop NOW!  Seriously!  I'll be sharing her latest, the Tilly Skirt, in just a few days.  It's my favorite skirt pattern for Ella right now!  Love it!

RaeAnna helped me out more ways than you can imagine during this pattern development process. She was my sounding board and go-to for help on all sorts of technical issues in setting up this pattern, and she is the one who convinced me to grade it into additional sizes and offer it for sale!

RaeAnna's little model is too little for the sizes I graded, but she made a Sunny dress anyway! Isn't it beautiful?  I love this salmon color and can't wait to see it on the model she mailed it to!

Photos via RaeAnna of Sewing Mama RaeAnna

Cristina's little model, Emilia, is just precious!  Her solid blue Sunny Dress and ponytail hairstyle make her look ready for a day of playing and exploring outside.

Photos of Emilia via Cristina R.

Emily's little girl looks as pretty as a flower garden in her floral Sunny Dress!  Wish my daughter's hair would braid that way!

Photos via Emily McIntyre

Another pattern designer friend, Melissa, from Sew Like My Mom, volunteered to try out my pattern as well.  I have used a lot of Melissa's patterns lately (Darling Daisy, long sleeve Busy Lizzy, sleeveless Busy Lizzy, Oakley Shorts & Darling Daisy Top, and Oakley Shorts).

Melissa added a contrast band to the hem that matches the neck ruffle.  This was a great idea and would work well for anyone wanting to add length to the overall dress.

Photo via Melissa from Sew Like My Mom

And last, but certainly not least, is my friend Amy from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop.  I've been a tester for Amy many times in the past, and it was such a treat to have the tables turned and have her test for me! I'll admit I was a bit nervous having her test, but I was so relieved when she showed me these pictures of Anne and only had a couple of comments on my feedback!  I love Amy's patterns and have a sewn up a slew of them!

Photos via Amy from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop

If you haven't downloaded the pattern yet, you can get it HERE through Craftsy for FREE! (affiliate link) The fully-graded version of the pattern will take me a few more weeks to finish, but then I plan to offer if for sale.  Thanks to everyone for your kind words about the pattern and for your encouragement.  I'm having fun and feeling challenged!

Be sure to keep coming back to sewVery!  I'll be blogging soon about some of the pattern variations I plan to offer in the fully graded pattern!

The sewVery Sunny Dress & Top Pattern in sizes 2T-12 is now available for purchase in the sewVery Pattern Shop!

Until then, have fun sewing!

~ Veronica


  1. Just gorgeous!! I love those pics. They did a fab job. Congrats on the amazing pattern!

  2. Congrats on the success of your testing. I really like your design and definitely will be making this pretty dress soon!

  3. Those are really adorable dresses. You'd done a good job!

  4. Veronica, you and your testers have done fantastic job! Well done! Such a cute dress :)


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