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Thursday, March 10, 2016

A sewVery Simple Apron Tutorial

Love to cook, bake, paint, or work with clay? Then this sewVery Simple Apron Tutorial is for you! Protect your clothing from spills and splatters when you wear this one-size-fits-all apron design that is super fashionable when sewn in your favorite fabrics (like Ann Kelle's Remix Wide fabric).

Photo from Ann Kelle

Gather these supplies, and in no time, you'll be on your way to sewing up a brand new sewVery Simple Apron! Get the full tutorial below.


1 yard of fabric (quilting cotton or lightweight canvas) cut to 36" Long x 36" Wide
2 1/2 yards of 1" wide twill tape
Fabric marking pen
Sewing machine
Point turner (optional)


Add an extra splash of color by sewing together a quick tie to use in lieu of the twill tape. Cut strips of fabric 4" wide x the width of the fabric and sew together the short ends to form a tie that is approximately 90" long. Fold the short ends in 1/4" to the wrong side of fabric and press and then fold the long edges with wrong sides together toward the center and then fold again, encasing all the raw edges. Press then topstitch around all four edges. Feed the tie through just as you would the twill tape.

Wasn't that easy? You'll be sewing up lots of these sewVery Simple Aprons to give out to friends as gifts or to take as a hostess gift at a dinner party.

Thanks for stopping by, and have FUN sewing!


  1. Great easy pattern! I couldn't figure out how to Pin this. (Using the tiny P at the bottom wouldn't let me add it to a board.) Any ideas?

    1. You may only be able to pin my photos when you are on a computer and not a mobile device. I'm sorry. I've noticed this before and need to figure out how to solve it.

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  3. Wow !
    Great Apron Tutorial!!!!
    Really Very very useful it for me!
    It is awesome easy pattern!!!!!!!
    Great Thanks a lot for sharing this Nice pattern Tutorial !!!!!!!


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