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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pasha Pleated Clutch

You are going to love my latest project as part of the Betz White Sewing Collective Team as much as I do--the Pasha Pleated Clutch! This beautifully detailed gem is one of the amazing projects from Betz's book Present Perfect: 25 Gifts to Sew and Bestew.  

If you don't already own this book, you should buy it! You'll be able to use it to make most of the people on your holiday shopping list a terrific gift.
The Pasha Pleated Clutch is a great little project that any experienced sewer can complete in an afternoon, yet it's not too difficult for a beginner to try, too. The hand sewn pleats give an otherwise normal little clutch added style and sophistication. Even if you are a novice like me at sewing pleats, you'll have no problem mastering this hand sewing technique using the book's instructions and details.

Since my main fabric has metallic accents, I chose to use gold metallic thread instead of embroidery floss to create the detail on the pleats. If I had had some small gold beads, I would have sewn those into each pleat as well. 

I know this is a clutch pattern, but I opted to add a set of bamboo handles that I recycled from a thrift store find. This was such a simple addition! I sewed two tiny tabs into the upper band of the clutch and attached the gold rings of the handle. 

I had fun picking out the Cotton + Steel prints I used for my Pasha Pleated Clutch. At first, I considered using this adorable horse print for the exterior, but I quickly realized that the pleats would mask most of the horse print on the front of the bag. Instead, I sewed the lining with the C+S horses and carefully displayed two of my favorite horses on the interior slip pocket.

To make the pocket stand out instead of blending in with the rest of the lining, I used a wide zig zag stitch in a contrasting colored thread along the top edge of the pocket and to attach the pocket to the lining.

I also feature two more horses from the lining fabric on the bag closure which includes a magnetic snap to help keep items secure inside the clutch.

The Pasha Pleated Clutch is the perfect little handbag for a date night or special occasion, or sew one up with handles or a wrist strap for everyday use. My little 6 year old girl loves this version with the handles and has already asked if we can share it!

Be sure to grab your own copy of Betz White's book Present Perfect: 25 Gifts to Sew and Bestew and start sewing your own Pasha Pleated Clutch today!

Have FUN sewing!

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