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Sunday, July 19, 2015

sewVery Simple One Seam Skirt Tutorial

It's time for the Simple Simon & Co.'s Skirting the Issue series again, and I'm participating this year with my sewVery Simple One Seam Skirt Tutorial.

Skirting the Issue is all about making skirts to donate to girls in need. While the ladies at Simple Simon & Co. will be donating skirts to girls in foster care, I have sewn together several skirts in a variety of sizes to donate to girls in need at my daughter's school. These skirts, made using my sewVery Simple One Seam Skirt Tutorial, were a breeze to make and take little fabric.

Size 7 One Seam Skirts
For the skirts I sewed, I chose fun quilting cotton prints from a variety of collections at Blend Fabrics. The pieces ranged in length from 16" to 21", so I was able to sew skirts in sizes 5 through 10 with these lengths of fabric using this chart as a guide to determine finished lengths and waist measurements.

To make your own sewVery Simple One Seam Skirt, here's how! Click the image below to enlarge it.

Size 5 One Seam Skirts

Size 8 One Seam Skirt
I will note that the two skirts with the border print in the photo below were made with two seams (one on each side) to accommodate the print on the bottom. If I had had a full yard of the border print, I could have made two skirts with just one seam each.

Size 10 One Seam Skirts
Aren't all of these skirts fun? Just wear with a basic t-shirt and these skirts make the outfit! I know several little girls at Ella's school are going to enjoy all these skirts. Ella is definitely loving hers!

Be sure to check out Simple Simon & Co. each day in July to discover a new skirt tutorial for inspiration in making your own skirts or a few to donate to a charity of your choice.

Have FUN sewing!


  1. What a super idea to donate skirts to other little girls.

  2. I love it! Christian asked me the other day..... "Mommy, do you remember what Ella looks like? I can't remember!" LOL! I think it's time for a playdate! The summer has gone by too quickly!!!


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