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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Springtail Sundress Pattern

It's been a l-o-o-o-ng time since I've done any pattern testing, but when Rachael at Imagine Gnats posted a picture of a fresh summer dress pattern she was working on, I jumped at the chance to volunteer to try it out. I was thrilled when she asked me to give her Springtail Sundress Pattern a test run that I ended up making more than once since I liked it so much!

Since Ella started school last year, I haven't had much opportunity to sew non-school attire clothing for her. This fun summer dress is ideal for a new piece to add to her regular wardrobe.

Ella is now at the age where she wants me to buy her clothes more than make them. I can't believe I just said that. Totally breaks my heart, but I completely understand, too. However, I knew she would really like the Springtail Sundress because it is so similar to a dress I recently bought her that she loves. Of course, Ella's favorite part is the ruffle top that is almost like a little jacket built into the bodice. I think the next version I make will have the ruffle part sewn out of lace.

For my test version of the Springtail Sundress pattern, I used knit fabric for the main part of the dress and a lightweight gingham for the ruffle and sewed the size 7. I think the two fabric types paired together very well here, and Ella immediately adored it! Yay! Plus, the fit is awesome!

With all new patterns, I definitely recommend reading through the entire pattern instructions before cutting out any fabric. While this was a very easy pattern to sew, I was slightly confused at first because the way the ruffle is sewn onto the dress requires that the side seams be sewn before the shoulder seams. I am so used to dresses and tops being sewn in the opposite order with shoulder seams first then side seams, that even though I read the instructions multiple times, I sewed the shoulder seams first. Well, needless to say, I had to rip out those two seams and start again.

The bodice of this dress is not lined, so the armholes and neckline are trimmed with essentially single fold bias that Rachael has you cut out of soft knit fabric. I'm not a big fan of bias trimmed openings (just a personal preference), but I forged through this part with no problem.

This dress took me only an hour to sew, so I decided to make Ella an all woven fabric Springtail Suntop as well! At the time I tested the pattern, Rachael had not included a cut line for a top or tunic version, but after seeing mine, she said she would add it to the pattern!

I recently received a few pieces of this new fabric collection from Blend Fabrics called Best in Show, but they were only fat half yard cuts. Since Ella and I both thought the cats were so sweet, I took three prints from this collection and used the longest piece (that was 21" long) to cut out the main top, and then I used the cat print and the pink dot print to cut the ruffle and ruffle lining.

Instead of using the binding to make a tie in the back for the closure, I opted to create a button tab. This worked well, and I really like how it looks.

Ella loved wearing her new Springtail Suntop as much as the dress!

Imagine Gnats will be releasing the Springtail Sundress Pattern for sale any day now! Be sure to check out her pattern shop to grab your copy.

Have FUN sewing!

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