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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sodee Naturals + Giveaway

Days before my son's 10th birthday, he got what we thought was a bug bite on his chest. He scratched it and the spot got bigger and redder. A couple of days after his birthday party at a nearby lake, he developed a rash all over his upper chest. At first, my husband and I thought he had an allergic reaction to the rash guard shirt he wore to the party, but after several more days, the rash continued to spread and began to itch. Finally, I took him to the doctor who diagnosed the rash as Pityriasis Rosea.

The doctor told us there is no medication my son can take to speed up the recovery and that hydrocortisone and an antihistamine are really the only things he can take to help relieve the itching. We tried both with Benadryl helping the most but causing Connor to become so sleepy that he had to take a nap each time he took it. Since this wasn't an acceptable alternative for a 5th grader who needs to be alert all day, I turned to a group of my blogger friends for help and advice.

Although none of the friends I polled had had experience specifically with Pityrasis Rosea, several have eczema themselves or children with eczema who experience itching, irritated skin. They suggested using ice packs to sooth the itch as well as several different all natural products to relieve itching and promote healing as well. One friend suggested a product she has used most of her life to combat skin irritation and itching, and since her parents happen to own the business, she had them send me a sample.

Within a few days of reaching out to my friends, I received a box full of all-natural soaps, creams, scrubs, shampoos, and lotions from Sodee Naturals--much more than I had expected! My son couldn't wait to give them a try. He was desperate for some lasting relief from the itching spots that were spreading to his underarms, groin, thighs, and forehead!

According to several websites, including the American Academy of Dermatology, the Mayo ClinicWebMD, and several other sources, Pityriasis Rosea is a common skin rash that occurs in people age 10 to 35, is not contagious, is not an allergic reaction or caused by a fungus or bacteria, and is thought to be caused by a virus that all people are exposed to but only some develop a reaction to. From what his doctor explained and from what I read in my own research, it is a harmless rash that simply causes mild to moderate itching and usually maintains itself to the trunk of the body; however, some, including my son, may have the rash spread to the face, arms, and legs.

What a way for my son to celebrate turning 10 and to start middle school! Poor thing.

I'm relieved that it is not a serious or lasting condition and that it will go away on its on over time. The worst parts of the rash are the itching and the duration of the rash--typically 8 weeks but up to several months. My son has been quite the trooper and has handled the diagnosis pretty well, but we did have to request that he not dress out during PE until the rash is gone. So far, only one friend has noticed a bump or two above his collar, and Connor told him the truth--that he just has a rash.

To give my son some relief from the irritation of the rash, we started a daily routine of bathing him with lukewarm water and the Calming Calamine Soap from Sodee Naturals. This soap barely has any scent to it and lathers nicely compared to other natural soaps I've used in the past. After patting dry (not rubbing) his skin, I then applied the All-Natural Anti-Itch Eczema Cream to his entire torso and the few spots that appeared on his lower legs. This cream is the same shade as calamine lotion (sort of pinkish) and is easy to apply to trouble areas with your finger tips. I just lightly rubbed some on him and then had him wait a few minutes before putting on a cotton t-shirt and shorts.

We have consistently followed this routine for the last week and a half, and I am honestly impressed with the results. Within a day, he stopped complaining of the constant itchy feeling and after three or four days, the spots on his upper chest, shoulders, and neck had faded and no longer appeared scaly. Since using the Sodee Naturals products for this rash, he hasn't had to take any more Benadryl!

In addition to the Sodee Naturals Calming Calamine Soap and All-Natural Anti-Itch Eczema Cream that he uses, I've been washing his hair with their J'Adore Shampoo Bar (he absolutely loves the smell and how clean it makes his hair) and scrubbing his feet with the Lemon Lime Enriched Shea Scrub. I then apply a little of the super creamy Paradise Fig Body Butter to his feet and knees. It's the best my boy has smelled since he was a baby!

You will not believe this, but Connor now actually wants to take a shower everyday! He gets excited about bath time! Anything that does that is definitely a winner in my book!

Ella and I have been using the same shampoo, body scrub, and body butter as well, and I absolutely love them all! My hair is very thick and has gotten dry over the last couple of years, which means I normally have to use a ton of conditioner just to get a brush through my hair. Until now, I have never tried a shampoo bar, but it has done the best job of cleaning my hair and scalp--ever! Since it's all natural, I haven't even had to apply conditioner to my hair a single time! Honest! And using the Lemon Lime Shea Scrub and Paradise Fig Body Butter are like I visit the spa everyday! I didn't pick these products or the scents, but it was as if someone at Sodee Naturals knew what I would love!

Instead of using the Calamine Soap, I've been bathing with the Sodee Naturals Fragrance Free Sea Salt Soap. I feel so refreshed and not dry and sticky like I do when I bath with typical bar soaps, even Dove. I'm coveting this one bar of soap and keeping it in a special container so no one else can use it--at least until I can order some more!

I know this hasn't been my typical type of blog post, but I really felt compelled to share my family's experiences with these Sodee Naturals products with you. Although I was given all the Sodee Naturals products free to try, I was not obligated to blog about them at all. What I have written today is all my honest opinion. I like their products so much that I am ordering some different things to try and to give as gifts for the holidays.

When I emailed Sodee Naturals back to thank them for the generous sampling and to tell them that I was going to blog about how much we like their products, they offered both a 20% off discount code for all sewVery followers plus a shampoo bar and conditioner bar with plastic storage cases as a giveaway prize! Wow!

So, if you feel convinced to try out some of the Sodee Naturals products I've mentioned here today for yourself or to give someone you know who suffers from eczema or other skin irritations, you can save 20% off your total order using the code SEWVERY at checkout. Really, you will love it all!

Want a chance to win a shampoo and conditioner bar plus storage cases for both? Then enter the giveaway below! A winner will be randomly selected next Sunday, September 7th.

Now, I'm off to place my own order (and already have a little holiday shopping out of the way)!

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for a new sewVery Simple Tutorial!


  1. I've yet to try one but am very interested. Finding products that don't weigh down my super thin fine hair is a challenge. Thanks much for the chance to try these!

  2. I have never tried any of these products, but my middle grandson has had Pityriasis Rosea and was miserable. He also had it on his face. This was not a one time deal. It has reoccurred and I would love to be able to give him some relief. Thanks for the opportunity.

    1. Poor thing. I hope you are able to try some of these products, especially the soap and anti-itch cream, to give him some relief. My son has found applying an cold pack to the most irritated areas also helps when they feel like they are burning. My tutorial tomorrow will show you how I made him a really quick cold pack.

  3. I have not tried a bar but it would be easy enough for me as I have a short hairstyle. I do have sensitive skin and would love to try these products! Thanks for the chance!!

  4. I have not tried one but my husband, son and daughter all suffer from eczema.

  5. I have chronic hives and am a dermagraph. I'd be very interested in seeing if moving to natural soaps helped my dermagraphism. :)

  6. I have not tried a bar hair product before but my husband and children each have itchy scalps and I'd love for them to have relief!

  7. I have not tried a bar shampoo or conditioner before but do have a son who was bothered by eczema through middle school and high school. Things were much better after puberty but we have tried most products out there. Interested in hearing of this.

  8. I've not tried either of them yet.

  9. I have not tried a shampoo or conditioner bar, but would love too. Thank you for this post. I have psoriasis and going to checkout Sodee to see if they have anything that might help.

  10. I LOVE handmade bar soaps. I've never tried the shampoo or conditioner, but I'm dying to!!

  11. I have used shampoo bars in the past. I forget what brand though. (Burt's Bees maybe?)
    I love them for traveling. No worries about leaking shampoo in your luggage!

  12. How is your son getting along? Has his skin cleared up?

    1. Thanks for asking, Alicia! About a week to 10 days after I posted this, all the rash with the exception of a few faint spots on his thighs are completely gone! Everything I read and even what the doctor told me was that it would likely last at a minimum of 8 weeks but likely up to 12 weeks. My son's rash went away in 5-6 weeks (I say 6 because that is when the first big (herald patch) spot appeared and the others followed a week later)! I have no scientific proof, but I truly believe that these Sodee Naturals products helped the rash heal more quickly than without using it. I know it all relieved the itching and helped the scaly patches go away fast!


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