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Monday, April 14, 2014

Calling All Kids

Hi, y'all!  Thanks for stopping by today to see what I have put together for Alida Makes' Calling All Kids series.  

First off, I'm beyond thrilled to be participating in her series this year!  I've been reading her blog for years. She's not afraid to be candid or to share stories about both the good and not so good parts of life.  She's relatable.  Oh, and she's pretty awesome at sewing, too!  And did I mention she has four kids who have the most amazing style?

Alida Makes Presents: Calling All Kids

Well, that's how her Calling All Kids series began.  She wanted people to think outside the box and explore styles, colors, and patterns to find and define what clothing traits suit their child's personality regardless of gender.  She and her kids definitely don't prescribe to the mainstream media ideas that all girls should love pink and purple and want to be princesses or that all boys have to wear blue and red and play with toy cars, trucks, and superheros.

Now, there is definitely nothing wrong if your children fit those descriptions.  I'll be the first to say that both of my children love those exact colors and things, but at the same time, my daughter in particular, is so willing to explore and try pretty much anything when it comes to clothing.

If you are a regular follower of my blog, sewVery, then you are familiar with my beautiful daughter, Ella, and pretty much her entire mommy made wardrobe.  Ella loves the clothes I make her, and in general, I usually involve her in the creative process whether it be in selecting the pattern or the fabrics that I use. But she doesn't always want to wear something I've made her. One day, she may be dead set on wearing a fancy dress and pretty shoes with a matching purse, but the next day, all she may put on is a pair of baseball pants, a plain old ugly tee, mismatched socks, and scuffed up sneakers.  And I'm okay with that (most days) to be honest.  She wears what makes her feel comfortable and feel like herself.

One thing is certain about her style though--she loves bold, bright colors, especially pink!  You ask her what her favorite color is, and she'll tell you pink and purple, so my challenge has always been trying to find ways to incorporate those colors and complimenting shades into her wardrobe.  We also don't prescribe to the idea that girls have to wear ruffles all the time.

For the Calling All Kids series, I decided to make Ella another Figgy's Ayashe blouse and skirt.  I made this pattern almost two years ago and absolutely loved everything about it! See it HERE (Ella is so little).  The pattern is very modern and stylish, and the blouse/top in particular lends itself to a more unisex styling, especially when constructed with the mandarin style collar like I used.

I started with the skirt and used a black slub linen from Joann's.  The fabric is lightweight and breathable making it the perfect choice for spring and summertime play.  The buttons were recycled from a black wool shirt jacket that belonged to my mom, and they have a lovely decorative swirl on them along with a gray iridescence.

Although I didn't really get a good shot of them, the skirt does have pleats, belt loops, and pockets. All the little details of this skirt pattern plus the excellent fit make this pattern well worth the price.

Next is the blouse.  I purchased this black/gray/white geometric print last week at the grand opening of The Fabric Studio while on a girl's day out shopping spree with a group of my blogging/sewing friends.  The fabric is called Confetti Noir from AGF Studio's Minimalista collection.

Since the blouse has a yoke panel across the back that wraps over the shoulder to the front, I took the opportunity to add some color to this outfit.  I recently purchased several Echino prints and asked Ella to help me decide which one would look best.  Of course she picked the hot pink, and I admit that it did look the best with the geometric print.  

To tie the pink fabric to the top even more, I alternated between black, fuchsia, and gray thread to topstitch the center detail.

I did the same topstitching along the hem since I chose not to use a drawstring or elastic band at the bottom.

I'm totally in love with this little girl and her new outfit!  The entire ensemble from the colors used, to the prints, to the fabrics, and the pattern truly are calling my kid!

And just because I love all these terrific photos of Ella wearing her modern and hip new digs, I'll post a couple more.  By the way, my sweet friend, RaeAnna of Sewing Mama RaeAnna, was our photographer for the day!  We were meeting up for a play date, and I completely forgot my camera!  Luckily, she brought hers.  Now, I think I may have to buy myself a fancy camera instead of my old point-and-shoot! Thanks again, RaeAnna!

Thanks for stopping by today!  I've had fun shopping for these fabrics, sewing up the outfit, taking pictures with friends, and writing this post.  I hope you enjoyed everything you saw and read and now feel inspired to create something fun, too.

If you need more inspiration, then head over to Alida Makes and check out all the other amazing creations from some super talented bloggers as part of the Calling All Kids series.  Alida also has lined up some amazing sponsors and is hosting a terrific giveaway!  To enter the giveaway, click HERE to go to her blog post with all the details and the entry form.

Have fun sewing!


  1. I'm so in love with this look! I'm so glad you told us the name of that awesome fabric because I need some RIGHT NOW.

  2. this is REALLY REALLY cute Veronica! I saw it on Pinterest, and had to click over - love it!

  3. She is such a beautiful girl! The outfit is amazing and your workmanship is superb!!!!

  4. That's a great outfit! I love the pop of pink, and how it's girly without being OTT, full of ruffles and stuff. I like my girls to wear more classic looks, myself - not a fan of many rows of ruffles here! I love your fabric choices, too!

  5. This is great, Veronica! I love how you paired the two fabrics -- awesome choice!

  6. Sooo good, Veronica!!! I love this outfit! I am totally going to pick this pattern set up! :D

    And OMG tiny Ella ♥

  7. Ohhh Veronica, this outfit is to die for! It really encompasses everything. The fabric is easy-care and practical, the color combination is dynamite, and the styling is totally hip and modern. Ella looks feminine and girly, but also tailored and ready for play. I love the details of the skirt and blouse pattern, and am thinking maybe my granddaughter needs these same designs. Thanks for the great pix and post! Oh, and I forgot to mention - Ella is so adorable. I can see she is teetering on the "big girl" side, but all we really want is to keep them little forever. She is a sweetie!

  8. This is so cute! I love the pop of color on the yoke and the sunglasses are too fun :)

  9. That is a darling outfit. The blouse is my fave. Love the fabrics you chose.

  10. She looks so great and so comfy. I love the glasses fabric on the yoke. Really great addition.


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