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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tote Bags for Charity + Giveaway

Recently, a friend of mine, Melissa at Sew Like My Mom, blogged about a post she recently read that really moved her.   The post was about a breast cancer survivor who is wanting to help make a difference to others dealing with the disease.  

While I have never walked this path myself or had a close relationship with someone who has, I've had to go for follow up mammograms with the fear that my life could change in an instant.  I've also had relatives who have endured this disease--some have conquered it and others have not.  

So if I can help one survivor brighten the lives of a few more brave women who are battling breast cancer, then I will try! 

image from www.clipartsmart.com
The woman in the post that Melissa shared is named MJ, and her story and mission is to help at least 100 other women (wow!  that sounds like such a big number, but in reality, I know it's not) begin their battle with something given out of love, hope, and support.  

MJ is asking for people to help her cause by donating 100 hand sewn tote bags by Mother's Day, and Melissa has offered to donate one of her patterns from Sew Like My Mom to those of you who make 5 bags and then send her picture proof.  

To read all about MJ's mission, click HERE.

To read how Melissa is encouraging everyone in the sewing community to help, click HERE.

I was touched by not only MJ's story, but also by Melissa's willingness to help a stranger achieve her goal, too.  

I've made my 5 bags using a fat quarter bundle and some scraps of Joel Dewberry's True Colors collection by Free Spirit Fabrics.  If you know me, then you know Joel Dewberry is one of my favorite fabric designers, and I hope that these beautiful prints and bright colors will bring a smile and a sense of hope to women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

MJ only asked for bags to be donated, but I've decided I want to include a small note in each bag to let those women know that I am praying for them and that I care, too.  I cannot imagine what they are about to endure, and quite honestly, I hope I never have to.

I also asked that Melissa please pass the pattern on to one of my followers instead of giving it to me.  She generously offered up a total of three patterns from her shop that are now up for grabs as part of a Thank You giveaway I am hosting.  To read the details of the giveaway and to enter, click HERE.

I hope you'll consider making a few bags and helping out this brave woman, MJ.

Have fun sewing!


  1. GREAT story isn't it?! I also feel led to make bags & VERY blessed to not have to travel that road! SEW excited to see you are on board as well! I have some WIP's to complete then on to crankin' out some bags from Love & Yardage! Hope you have a Th'pectacular Thursday!!!

  2. This is great, Veronica, I will be sure to share this on my Facebook! J

  3. Donating the results of your love of sewing will warm the cockles (whatever they are) of your heart. Guaranteed!

  4. I shared this post on my FB page, and I also posted it on my local Bernina/Babylock Dealer's FB Page (Santa Maria, CA). I posted on the FB Page for a Bernina/Babylock dealer in Orange County (South of L.A., CA), he has 5 stores. I am hoping more sewists will jump on the bandwagon.

    1. Patricia, that is amazing and so very kind of you! I hope there will be lots of others who will participate and that MJ will end up with more than 100 bags!


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