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Saturday, December 14, 2013

War Eagle Norah Dress!

Some of you may already know this about me, but I am an Auburn fan.  For others, you may have no idea what that means.  I'll try to explain it briefly.

You see, I grew up in Alabama where there is a huge football rivalry between the two major universities in the state:  Auburn University and the other school, the University of Alabama.  When I was a little girl, it was a family tradition for my family to go to the home football games in Auburn and tailgate before the game.  We would picnic, walk up to the bookstore to buy a game t-shirt or some other item emblazoned with the AU symbol, toss around a nerf football for a while, and then walk on over to the game.  At the time, I cared little for the game itself and mainly wanted to see and hear the band at halftime.  This is where I first dreamed of becoming a majorette and twirling a baton while wearing a sparkly, sequined uniform.  But I digress.

Auburn is where I (as well as my mother, father, brother, and sister-in-law) attended college and where my brother and his family now live.  It's more than just a town or a university to me.   It's a place where I first lived on my own, dated my husband, and made friends I'll have for the rest of my life. It's a place where a lifetime of good memories for me were formed.  And while I may not always know the name of every football player on the team or even who they are playing next week, I am as much a fan as ever and always will be.

So come January 6th, 2014, I'll be watching the BCS National Championship game rooting yet again for my Auburn Tigers to win!  I wish my mom and dad (but especially my dad because he was a HUGE Auburn football fan) were still alive to see it, too.

Now, you might ask what all this Auburn football talk has to do with another Norah Dress.  Well, I have a friend who asked me recently to make an Auburn dress for her niece.  I've been hoarding this adorable orange and blue tiger head and polka dot fabric from Fabric Finders forever!  Since we don't live near Auburn or ever get to go to the games, I hadn't used it to make Ella a dress.  I was super excited to finally sew with it and make it into this adorable reversible War Eagle Norah Dress version for that special little girl!

As you may have seen yesterday, I made Ella a Christmas dress using the Norah Dress pattern from Welcome to the Mouse House.  While the pattern provides you with instructions on how to make a partial lining for the dress, I chose to fully line (or make reversible) this sleeveless version in the Auburn fabric and a navy/white flower print on the reverse.

This pattern is a joy to sew with and super simple.  No zippers or buttonholes to make.

I'm even considering making a reversible version with a collar that could flip to either side.  Again, I'm impressed with everything about the Norah Dress pattern from the pattern pieces and instructions themselves, to the styling options, to the fit.  It's a pattern that should be in every seamstresses' collection.

I think this 2T version may be a slightly big on the little girl for the upcoming game, but I hope it fits her perfectly for the Auburn football season all next year.

War Eagle! Hey!

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  1. I tutor athletes at Ole Miss ... I understand. Make the SEC proud. Go, War Eagles! Rcoyle at olemiss dot edu

  2. Cute! And it's perfect for winter with the pretty print (looks like snowflakes but maybe they're flowers?)

  3. This entire post makes us smile!!! And, yes, it does make a great "War Eagle" Norah dress!! We'd love to see one with a 'flip' collar as well....interesting thought :).


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