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Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Super Girl + Giveaway Info

Back in September, Kelle of Ann Kelle designs asked me if my daughter might be interested in modeling some superhero capes and masks made using her new Super Kids fabric line sold by Robert Kaufman.  I didn't hesitate to say yes!  What little kid wouldn't want to run around and play dress up outside for the day and then get to eat delicious cupcakes and punch afterwards!?

A little later, my friend, RaeAnna from Sewing Mama RaeAnna, signed on to have her son, Christian, be a superhero, too.  Ella was so excited that her friend would be there!

Weeks went by and Kelle finally emailed me the details of the photo shoot.  I combed Ella's closet looking for the types of clothes she suggested and then sent her some quick pictures for her input. In the end, Ella wore the denim Schoolday Skirt I made her and a short sleeved raglan t-shirt from Kavio.  The socks and shoes were from Target.

The photo shoot was late in the afternoon on a beautiful, warm, sunny day at a farm with lots of cats, dogs, chickens, and even a pony.  It was the perfect outdoor setting for some fun.

Ella's first time to ever play duck-duck-goose!  She loved it!

Kelle and her assistant had a table set up in the pasture with cupcakes and all sorts of Super Kid decorations including garland made from Kelle's fabrics.  The whole setting looked like a picture from a magazine!

Although I've exchanged several emails with Kelle before, I had never met her in person until the day of the shoot.  She is the sweetest, cutest thing with such a welcoming smile and personality. She gave me and Ella a hug like she had known us for a lifetime.  I can now see how she can create such colorful, fun designs for fabrics and cards!

Guess what?  In honor of the party, Kelle is giving away a bundle of her Super Kids fabric and a $50 gift card to Tiny Prints (where you can buy her Super Kids cards and lots of other fun prints she has designed)!

Photo from Ann Kelle.com
To enter the contest and download free tutorials on how to make the Super Kid's masks and capes as well as the garland visit her blog at Ann Kelle.

Hope you have a Super day and have fun sewing!

All the terrific photos at the farm were taken by Simply M Photography.


  1. These photos are delightful. It looks like they had a ton of fun, and the fabrics look vibrant and playful just like kids need!

  2. I just bought a yard of the super hero kids in pink for Eva Mae! What should I make with it??? This really was a fun day! You are such a good friend to include me in the contacts you've made in your sewing circles! Love ya!

  3. I am in LOVE with that fabric! And what a fun time they all must have had dressing up as super hero's! We're going to have to do that soon!


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