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Monday, September 9, 2013

Pajama Pants Cuddle Knee Patch Tutorial

My children love to lounge on the floor while watching tv or play on the floor with their toys. What this means is that move around on their knees a lot.  Since we have hardwood floors throughout our house, this kind of activity can be rough on their little knees over time.

So what does a crafty mom do?  She makes her kids cute pajama pants with Cuddle knee patches to help cushion their precious knees.  Read below for my Cuddle Knee Patch Tutorial.

First, I started off using the Oliver + S Sleepover Pajamas pattern to cut out the pajama bottoms in a size 5 for Ella and a size 10 for Connor.  What I love about this pattern is that it is works for both girls and boys, it is easy to sew, and the fit is great!

Curious about the fabrics I used?  Here's what you need to know...

For Ella's pajama pants, I chose Embossed Chevron in Fuchsia by Shannon Fabrics for the Cuddle knee patches.   I then picked out some bright, cheery, cotton Ann Kelle prints from Robert Kaufman--Garden for the pants and Summer Ovals for the pant cuffs.

For Connor's pajama pants, I used Shannon Fabrics' Cuddle in Superheros Bright for the knee patches and  Robert Kaufman's Superhero line in (Steel and Red).

I just love that the Shannon Fabrics' Cuddle matches the colors and prints of the Robert Kaufman cottons perfectly!

Now either find an oval, circle, or square shape that you want to use as a template for cutting out your knee patches.  Or, you can draft up your own shape like I did.  I drew an oval that is approximately 4" across and 5" tall for Ella's knee patch, and for Connor's, I centered the oval template over the Superhero characters and made the oval shape at least 1" wider in all directions.

Cut out your Cuddle knee patches and set aside.

Now measure from the top of your child's foot to the center of their knee.  Lay out your pajama pants fabrics (remember to lay out the cuff fabric, too, although I didn't in these photos) and measure up from the bottom using the measurement you just took for your child's knee.  Find the center of the front of the pant's leg, and center the knee patch over the intersection of these two points.  Pin the Cuddle knee patch in place making sure that the nap of the fabric is brushed down.

Now, there are several ways you could then line up the knee patch on the other leg to match the first leg.  I placed my two pants legs wrong sides together and then pinned the approximate top and bottom location of the knee patch along the outer edge of the pants fabric.

I then flipped the fabric over so that the pant's leg with no patch on it was on top.  I placed the knee patch in the correct location by using the two pins on the side as a guide and also using my fingers to feel the location of the other patch.

Flip the fabric up to peek at the other side and eyeball that they are even.

Sew each Cuddle knee patch down using a zig zag stitch.

Assemble the pajama pants according to the pattern directions, and you're done!  Easy peasy!

Plus, these knee patches just look cool and are so soft that your kids will end up just petting the fabric for fun!

To see the matching Cuddle floor pillows and blankets I made to go with the pajama pants, head over to Shannon Fabrics' My Cuddle Corner.  You can even make your own matchy-matchy set using my Cuddle floor pillow tutorial posted there.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day of sewing!

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