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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baby Gift Set

A few months back, I made this quick little baby gift set for a family friend.  I've been meaning to share it with you all forever!

These bibs and the burp cloth were actually my first attempts at making baby gear.  They are relatively simple to construct and just take a little time with cutting out and piecing together the different fabrics. I highly recommend making several of these at a time so you'll have a baby gift on hand when you need a shower gift for a friend, family member, or co-worker!

For the baby bibs, I used the free bib pattern from Gingercake.  I highly recommend it and have used it a number of times since I made these.

The burp cloth is approximately 10" x 18".  I was inspired by one I saw on Clover & Violet where you can also find another free bib pattern that I have used.

On all three pieces, I used quilting cotton for the front and minky fabric for the back with a layer of cotton batting in between.  When working with this combination of fabrics and batting, you will definitely want to use a walking foot on your sewing machine.

When I made this set, I used the pattern piece and cut out the shape of the bib in the cotton, batting, and minky.  Big mistake!  You see, the minky I used here was the kind you buy at Joann's, and while the quality is good, the fabric has a lot of stretch to it.  Since making this original set, I've learned a couple of easier ways to assemble these.

First off, use higher quality cuddle like the kind made by Shannon Fabrics.  Secondly, cut your cotton, batting (which is optional), and minky into rectangles and then trace the bib pattern outline onto the wrong side of your cotton fabric with a water soluble pen.  Layer the fabrics with the batting on bottom, then the minky right side up, and finally the cotton wrong side up.  Pin together like crazy all the layers and then sew them together following the bib pattern outline making sure to leave a 3 - 4" opening for turning.  Cut away the excess fabric, clip corners, turn right side out, tuck in the edges of the opening, and topstitch around the entire bib.

To finish the bib, sew on 1" square pieces of velcro for the closure.

When sewing the burp cloths, I recommend putting together the layers similarly to the method I described above for the bibs.  Don't cut out the curved edges before sewing it all together.  Instead, trace the curved corners onto the wrong side of the cotton fabric and use that as a guide when sewing. Trim away the excess when finished.

You can see other baby gifts I've made, which include more bibs, burp clothes, baby shoes, ruffle bum rompers, and a sun hat, here and here.

And coming soon, I will have a free tutorial for a monogrammed terry cloth and cuddle fabric combination burp cloth!  You won't want to miss it!

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  1. Very very cute. A bib was actually one of the first things I sewed, but it didn't turn out near as cute as yours :)

  2. Amazing design. Like to share it to all my friends. Baby Gifts


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