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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fun! Fabric Bracelets

Late last year, I came across this cool idea over at LBG Studio to make bracelets using scrap fabric.  I immediately pinned this idea, ran to the store for supplies, and whipped up a dozen or so Fun Fabric Bracelets for my kids, family, and friends!

It took me several minutes at both Michael's and Joann's, but eventually I found the bracelet crimps. I like the design on the ones from Joann's better, plus they were a better deal since I used a coupon!

I wasn't really sure how long to make the bracelets for the average adult since I have small wrists (like 5 3/8" around) and usually have a difficult time finding bracelets to fit myself.  I ended up cutting out some 6 3/4" long and some 6 1/2" long knowing that the clasp would add a little length to the overall bracelet.  This seemed to work out well for most of my recipients, but next time I think I'll either make them a 1/4" longer or use a bracelet extender on the clasp so the fit will be flexible.

For my daughter, I cut off about an inch from the longest adult bracelet, making hers have a finished length of 5 3/4" without the clasp.  It seems to fit her just fine.

I opted to use a different fabric on each side so the bracelets could be reversible. My favorites were those with multiple rows of stitching which gave them more of a quilted effect. I also found those cute little hearts in the jewelry making section at Michael's that I added to some of the clasps for decoration.

Making these fabric bracelets was such a fun, quick little project, and my daughter enjoyed helping me pick out fabric scraps and cut the strips.  I sewed and assembled all 12 or so bracelets in roughly an hour's time!

These fun fabric bracelets were a great addition to gifts we gave my nieces, my friends RaeAnna and Rachael, Ella's dance teachers, and Ella's friend, Madalyn.  We gave away some others and managed to keep one bracelet a piece for ourselves.  I forgot to take a picture of all the bracelets before I gave them away though!

I know I'll be making more of these soon, but next time I definitely plan on using a bracelet extender or something similar to make putting the bracelet on a little easier and to provide a more flexible length.

So if you want to make a few of these fun fabric bracelets for yourself or a gift, be sure to check out Vanessa's tutorial over at LBG Studio!


  1. I love mine!!! The pictures are so cute and I love Vanessa's tutorial! You should share this with Jessica or Destri? - didn't she want a scrap buster pinterest board?

  2. These are really cute! I'm so glad to have "met" you through the Sew Fab sale! You have such a cute blog. :)

  3. So simple and wonderful!
    Great design!


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