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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Figgy Ayashe Blouse & Skirt Pattern Review

A few weeks ago, I won this fabulous Figgy Ayashe pattern from Jess over at Craftiness is Not Optional.  Thanks again, Jess!

This is the first (and currently only) Figgy pattern that I own, but after making this outfit, I would love to have a few of the others--say the Zephyr, the Scirocco, and of course, the Sunki!  All in all, I found the sizing and fit true to form.  This outfit has lots of details--like a mandarin collar and rolled hem on the blouse sleeves, and belt loops, buttonholes, pockets, and pleats on the skirt--making it somewhat challenging to sew.  It's definitely not a project for a beginner!

It took me days to decide on what fabric to use for the blouse, but I finally chose to use some beautiful voile that I had been holding on to for that perfect project.  Well, I think this was the perfect project for it alright!  I used Anna Marie Horner's Little Folks Voile in Dusk for the blouse, and I am just in love with how soft the fabric is on your skin.  Even better, my daughter loves it, too!

For the skirt, I used a khaki piece of cotton rip-stop fabric that I picked up as a remnant at Joann's.  This type of fabric is typically used for making outdoor gear or hiking pants, but I thought it would be cute for this skirt.  If you aren't familiar with rip-stop fabric, it has these tiny quarter inch squares woven into it that are suppose to prevent the fabric from ripping if you get a hole in it while hiking.  The fabric is all cotton, but because of those little squares woven into it, it is a little heavier in weight than normal quilting cotton.  It was very easy to sew with and made the finished skirt look super cute, in my opinion!

Buttonholes, pleats, and pocket details!

Lots of details:  pockets, pleats, and belt loops
While I didn't have any problems with the actual sewing of the blouse and skirt, I did have some difficulty understanding a few of the steps in the blouse instructions and illustrations, in particular the steps dealing with the facing and collar.  I just made sure to go slowly and really think everything through before actually sewing it all together, because like most of you, I do not like to use my seam ripper if I don't have to!  This was also the first time I have ever sewn with voile fabric, and I found it to be a little slippery and difficult to pin. Anyone else have that problem?

Pockets are fun!
I found the skirt instructions and illustrations to be very clear and easy to understand.  In fact, the skirt came together very quickly, and I just love all the details (pockets, buttonholes, belt loops, and pleats)!  I also like the fact that the skirt back has an elastic waistband that you can let out as your child grows.

And while I've read in other reviews of this pattern that people felt the neck opening was too small to fit their child's head through, I didn't have any issues with fit.  I made both pieces using size 4/5 for my 3-year-old who is tall, and I think the fit of both the blouse and skirt was near perfect!  My daughter had absolutely no complaints about either piece and loved wearing the outfit all day, although she never could make up her mind about which shoes she wanted to wear with it (she changed shoes 3 times)!

I'll definitely be making more blouses and skirts from this Figgy Ayashe pattern.  The entire outfit is preppy and fun and adorable all at the same time!  I'm now a Figgy fan and would recommend you become one, too!  


  1. A GORGEOUS outfit, Veronica... both the blouse and the skirt. I'd never heard of rip-stop fabric before, but it sounds and looks perfect for a child's skirt. Love the fabric and style of the blouse.

  2. The skirt and blouse both are gorgeous. Your model is adorable. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.

  3. love the voile-I have the same issues sewing with it. It's so soft though so I forgive it. :) The skirt is adorable! Glad you made use of the pattern already!!

  4. Love those! Thanks for linking up to "I Made This" at Grits & Giggles!

  5. So cute! And I loved that you used rip stop for the skirt! I love the voile, and did find it a bit different to sew with, but nothing that I can't deal with becuase it is so nice :) I was too impatient to do the drawstring waist, but I think I will add it to my next one :)

  6. I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much for this!!
    Don't forget flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/patternsbyfiggys/

    1. Thank you for such a great pattern, and I just joined the Flickr group and uploaded some pics!

  7. I love the little outfit-- SO cute!! And, the model is so beautiful! :-)

    Also, wanted to thank you for the bag pattern, fabric and buttons! I was so excited to be the lucky winner, and am hoping to cut out the pattern today! Thanks so much! I'll send you a picture when I get the bag made! :-)

  8. What a cute shirt...and your model is precious also!


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