Saturday, October 12, 2013

Embroidered Terry/Cuddle Burp Cloth Tutorial

Today, I'm reposting my tutorial on how to make your own Terry and Cuddle burp cloth with an embroidered monogram or decorative design.  This first appeared as a guest post at the Shannon Fabric's blog, My Cuddle Corner.  Plus, I'm giving away some Cuddle and Terry Cloth fabrics, courtesy of Shannon Fabrics.  Read below to see how to enter!

When a dear friend asked me to make a few baby items for her to give as gifts, I jumped at the chance to make something with the Terry cloth and Cuddle fabrics from Shannon Fabrics.  Both are so soft and were a dream to sew!  These are so easy and simple to make.  Just follow the steps in my tutorial below!

First, cut out your fabrics.  Here's what you need...

After you cut out your terry cloth, embroider your favorite design or monogram onto the terry cloth.  I used tear away stabilizer on the back and a piece of solvy on the front when I stitched my design. 

Here's a close up for reference.  I find that serging raw edges of the cuddle not only makes for a neater finished edge, but the fabric is less likely to creep than when you use a regular sewing machine foot.  For the straight stitches, I used my regular sewing machine with my walking foot attached and a stitch length of 3 - 3.5.  I also used a stretch needle.

Fold back the seam you just sewed and finger press.  Your pieces should now look something like this when laid out right side up.

 * Note:  It might be helpful to pin the edges before topstitching all the way around.

That's all there is to it!  Pretty easy, right?  And I sewed together a matching bib and baby wash cloth to go with the gift set for my friend.  

You can make some matching baby wash cloths, too, using my sewVery simple tutorial! Click HERE to see it.  Plus, enter my giveaway HERE for a chance to win one of two Quarter Cozy Kits (to make a blanket or lots of wash cloths and burp cloths) plus a quarter yard of Terry Cloth fabric. 

I had a great time creating these projects with my Shannon Fabrics!  Please let me know if you like them, too!

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  1. OMG! I LOVE the red/white chevron!! It looks UBER soft! Thank you sew much for the opportunity to try out some of this softie, soft, soft fabric!! You ROCK, Veronica!!!


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