Monday, October 7, 2013

Bimaa Hoodie and Hosh Pants

If you've followed my blog for a while, then you've seen me use the Bimaa Top and Hosh Pants patterns a few times.  There's a reason for that--they are amazing patterns!  Both are cute, simple designs that can be sewn up in roughly an hour each!

When Sarah, the designer for Lou Bee Clothing patterns, asked me if I wanted to make another Bimaa top for her pattern tour, I could not resist--especially since she just added a hood option to the pattern! Wow! Now you can make the cowl neck, shawl neck, or hooded versions all with one pattern.  That's another plus in my book.

I had fun mixing directions of the stripes when putting together this top, and amazingly, this Bimaa hoodie only took 1 yard of 60" wide 4-way stretch knit fabric!

From my experiences with making the Bimaa twice before (see HERE and HERE for those posts), I decided to cut the sleeves much shorter this time.  I used the size 5T for everything but the length of the sleeves, and for that, I used just a little more than the 3T length.  Next time though, I think I'll have to use the size 6 (which was also just added to the pattern) for the bodice because Ella is growing so fast!

The Bimaa Hoodie was so easy to sew together.  I used my serger to sew everything except the topstitching around the hood!  If you don't have a serger, then you can still make this pattern using your regular machine and stretch or zig zag stitch.

Be sure to check out all the other blogs in the Bimaa Top Pattern Tour.  I promise you will see some incredible versions from all these talented bloggers!

Well, since I made Ella a new Bimaa top, she needed a new pair of pants to go with it, right?  We just bought these sparkly, black boots, and Ella has not wanted to take them off--at all!  So, she needed some skinny jeans that could fit down inside the boots.  I found this animal print denim fabric in my stash and cut out a new pair of Hosh Pants.  An hour later, the pants were done! Bam!

For the Hosh Pants, I used the size 5T, but again, I used a slightly shorter length (more like the 4T).  I definitely recommend comparing the length of a pair of pants that fit your child already to the pattern piece before cutting out your fabric!  You wouldn't want them too short, and if you are like me, I hate to cut things too long and waste fabric, too.

I added a couple of back pockets to the back to make them look more like store bought jeans. They are well camouflaged with this print though!

The pattern calls for an adjustable waistband, but I prefer to just make a regular waistband and insert elastic all the way around.

So, in about 2 hours times, you can make your special little one an all new outfit too!  Just head over to Lou Bee Clothing for these two great patterns--the Bimaa Top and the Hosh Pants!

Or, you can get the Bimaa Top Pattern as part of the Sew Fab Pattern Bundle!  Today is the last day to buy it, so hurry! The sale ends at 8. a.m. EST on Oct. 8th!

If you buy the bundle for $29.95, you'll get 26 patterns, including the Bimaa, all from different designers, and a whole collection of other amazing pdf patterns to make things like kid underwear, a fold over clutch, a women's cape, kid's cardigans, leggings, and more!  Just click the Buy It Now Button!

I am an affiliate for the Sew Fab Pattern Bundle sale, so when you purchase the bundle using this link, I get a percentage of the sale.  Thanks for your support!

And finally, just thought I would "leaf" you with these amusing pictures of my daughter.  This was pretty much my cue that the photo shoot was over!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have fun sewing!

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  1. Amazing, Veronica! I LOVE these photos! The way you used stripes here is so so great - I want to try that out too! Ella is so gorgeous, and getting so big. She looks fabulous in her Bimaa and Hosh! Thanks so much Veronica!

  2. Love the stripes!! Such a beautiful model too!

  3. The stripes look so good! I love the Hosh pants too. Great outfit :)

  4. Gorgeous and look super comfy too!

  5. Great work with those stripes! I am all too familiar with the end-of-shoot attitude! She is so cute though!

  6. I LOVE what you did with the directions of those stripes! Great inspiration :)


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