Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reversible Halter Top Shirt

Hello?!  Anybody out there?  Oh, hi!  Sorry I haven't been blogging lately, but I'm back now.  Hope everyone is doing well and busy making something sewVery fun this week!

In fact, I made this Reversible Halter Top Shirt a couple of weeks ago, but I just had not gotten around to making some decent photos of my daughter wearing it.  Finally, she decided she wanted to wear it today and was agreeable (just barely) to a photo shoot!  I love this next picture.  This one's for you, Daddy!  War Eagle!

If you've read my blog before, you may already know that I am an Auburn University graduate and fan.  My entire family, except for my dear husband, graduated from Auburn.  As for my husband, he went to that other school in Alabama!  Anyway, I've been wanting to make Ella something using this Auburn University licensed fabric for a while, but I never could think of a way to use it that I would like.  That is until now!

This is the perfect top to play (or watch) a little football in!

After making the retro halter top a few weeks ago using my original 1975 version as a go-by, I decided to make the top a little less revealing and add a skirted bottom to it.  To make it even more interesting, I decided to make the entire top reversible!  I am in love with it, and apparently so are a few of my Facebook friends.  I posted pictures of it there the night I made it and had several friends immediately say they would love to have one.  I'm even trying to alter the halter top part to fit a grown up, which is more difficult to do than I thought it might be.  Little girls are so much easier to sew for!

Oh, no!  Grass in her shoe!

See, this shirt is great for doing heavy lifting and yard work, too!

Anyway, here it is!  Ella's Reversible Halter Top Shirt!  I love both sides, and Ella just happened to already have a pair of navy gingham capri pants that match it perfectly.  I made the flower barrette using my Felt Fabric Flower tutorial found here.  Ella has a matching flower pin that I thought would be cute on the waistband of the shirt on the navy side, but she wouldn't let me put it on there today.  Oh, well!

This picture pretty much sums up her attitude about switching the top around mid-photo shoot!  You gotta love her though, and I wouldn't trade her for a thing in the world.

Hope you like this top as much as I do!  If so, let me know and leave a comment.  I love hearing from you all!


  1. You are so talented...questionable choices in fabrics....lol....(Roll Tide)...but great job and BEAUTIFUL daughter! I can imagine my sewing right now....soVery special it would be! haha

  2. Thanks, Merr. I'm not opposed to making a top in that other team's colors/fabrics, but I would not be caught dead wearing it! Ella's on my sideline while Connor has chosen to "fan" for the Tide unfortunately! As far as sewing, I think you would be great at it!

  3. Love the colours and the fact that's it's reversible. You've done a great job adding the skirt to the halter top. Looks like you made the whole outfit to match.

  4. that's such a neat idea to do it reversible! cute pictures, your little girl is adorable :)

  5. I LOVE the collar on it!!!!! Darling!!

  6. Co darn cute! good job. Thanks for coming and sharing this with us at The Sunday Round Up.

  7. You did a wonderful job making this shirt! You are so talented. The shirt and your little girl are both so cute, love the last picture lol. Hope you have a great week!
    -Kayla :)

  8. Love the top, its so adorable. Great idea with making it reversible.
    Thanks for sharing at our Sunday Round Up! Can't wait to see what you have for us next weekend. Have a GREAT week!

  9. War Eagle, Ella, my sweetie pie.

  10. Iam so in love I love ur work interested in pattern


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