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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Triangle Pants

A few weeks ago, I tested See Kate Sew's latest pattern:  the Triangle Pants pattern.  When she first asked if I wanted to test a pattern for her, I agreed sight unseen.  Coming from Kate, I knew it would be great!  (Hey, that rhymes!)

Most of the pictures you see in this post are from the day I made the Triangle Pants and took some quick photos to show Kate the fit, so please don't think that Ella has worn this shirt tucked in with these pants out in public!  

First, the details.  

For Ella's pair of Triangle Pants, I made the size 5 but used the size 6 length. Always check the sizing chart of a new pattern carefully, because there can be slight differences between designers and even patterns from the same designer in regards to fit.  Ella is roughly 46" tall and definitely needed the extra length.

Next, I used a remnant piece of stretch suiting (or it might be a stretch denim) that I bought a long time ago.  I think I had 3/4 of a yard, and it worked out perfectly!  The pockets are a stretch denim while the waistband and ankle bands are made using ribbed knit--all purchased at Joann's.

These pants make me smile!  I just can't help it!  They are so outside the norm of what I would choose to sew or even dress my daughter in, but you know what?  I absolutely love them!

Ella has worn them once to twice a week since this day, and each time she does, someone compliments her on them.  She says they are so comfortable, too, because of the knit waistband and ankle cuffs.

Per the pattern instructions, the Triangle Pants can be made with knit or woven fabrics, but in my opinion, using a woven with a bit of spandex will make these slim fitting pants wear better.

The Triangle Pants literally took me only an hour to sew together.  I'm dying to make her another pair but without the pockets.  Maybe I'll do that after I finish writing this post!

These triangular shaped pockets are definitely hip and modern (something that I'm not so much), and it was fun stepping outside my normal style comfort zone to make them.  These pants have a slightly higher waist and a more relaxed inseam than other skinny jeans/pants I've made, but those design elements contribute to the comfort of the pants making them ideal for active little children.

Plus, the tapered leg and knit band at the bottom make them perfect for wearing with boots!  Come back tomorrow when I will reveal the top half of what has become one of my favorite outfits for Ella to wear!

If you are now as in love with the Triangle Pants pattern as I am, then please go check them out more at See Kate Sew.  You might just decide to purchase your own copy of the Triangle Pants pattern plus a few other unique designs.  

Have fun sewing and see you tomorrow!

Oh, and tomorrow I'll also be the guest curator over at The Daily Sew on Facebook.  I'd love for you to stop by and say hello!  I'll be sharing some fun tutorials and sewing tips while I'm there!


  1. Love seeing them on a "big" girl. You can really see the pocket details. I think they turned out so cute, I'm not usually quite this modern in my patterns either, it is fun to see things out of your comfort zone that appeal! -Rachel

    1. I think the fabric I chose also makes them fit more like jeans or trousers than just knit sweat pants or leggings. I'm hoping to go cut out that next pair I mentioned using some stretch velveteen!

  2. Making some for Ellie this week, these are PERFECT. I love the fabric you chose.

    1. Thanks, Alida! The whole time I was making these, I kept thinking these were more like Ellie's style! Can't wait to see the pair you make!

  3. Oh my goodness those are adorable! What a unique pattern! I love SKS patterns :) Your fabric is perfect and the fit seems right on!!

  4. These are too cool and I absolutely LOVE your fabric combo!


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