Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Fly Girl Pattern - Version 1

Several weeks ago, I was asked to test the Fly Girl Pattern by Little Lizard King.  I couldn't start sewing fast enough on this one!  The Fly Girl top is super adorable, and my little girl looks so fresh and feminine wearing it!

The Fly Girl Pattern originally only offered an open, tie-back option, but during testing, the designers decided to add a closed back, button closure option.  I've made both, but today, I'm sharing just the first option with you.

Ella has grown a lot this summer, so I opted to make the size 6 for her. It is a little big, but she'll definitely be able to wear it next summer and maybe even this winter with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath!  The fabrics are all 60" wide cotton Tilda that I picked up at the online Martha Pullen Store clearance sale last month for a steal (like $2 to $3 a yard)!  Love the quality and the colors!

All the pattern pieces fit on one sheet of paper, while the measurements for the rectangular shaped pieces are specified in a chart saving you time and money from printing and taping those pieces together.  Gotta love that!

The bodice is fully lined, and at first, I thought it would be tricky putting it together.  However, the pattern instructions have great photos and written descriptions that walk you through the process with ease. Another thing I like about LLK patterns is that they use a large font and page formatting that isn't crowded which makes reading their patterns so much easier.

I love the flutter sleeves with the ric rac trim, but I do wish I had used a shorter length of elastic.  I believe based on tester comments that the designer did modify the elastic requirements in the final pattern.

As for the open back, I like the look of it with the big bow, but I personally prefer a closed back. In my opinion, the bow can be heavy and is prone to coming untied on an active child, plus it adds bulk to the back.

I think if I had made the size 5 instead, it would have been more fitted and perhaps the weight of the bow would not have pulled the front of the top up and to the back.

Ella certainly doesn't mind. She's worn this outfit several times, and always receives compliments! She even loves wearing it to ride her bike!

I prefer the closed back, button closure option, and I'll be sharing that version of the Fly Girl top with you tomorrow.  I also made it in a smaller size, so you'll be able to compare the fit of the two and see how much of a difference it made.  I really appreciate the fact that Little Lizard King chose to add two different back closure options to this top and gave me the chance to test them both!  I'll be using this pattern lots in the future since it's pretty easy and quick to sew!

Be sure to come back tomorrow to not only see the second Fly Girl Top I made, but to also enter a giveaway to win a gift certificate to Little Lizard King!  But if you just can't wait and have to have the Fly Girl Pattern today, then click over to the Little Lizard King shop and purchase the pattern HERE!

Oh, and if you are wondering about the shorts Ella is wearing with this Fly Girl Top, I'll be sharing more info on how you can make a pair like them later in the week using a free pattern and tutorial.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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  1. It is so sweet, and that back makes it perfect for riding a bike. Love your choice of fabrics. Love the shorts what pattern is that?
    With Love,

  2. You choose lovely fabrics and they made the top even cuter. Not forget to mention that Ella has grown into a lovely girl :)

    Hugs from Indonesia,

  3. This is such a lovely top!
    I do love this version, but now I can't wait to see the closed back option (I reckon it might be more appropriate for my active girl).

    1. I'm about to write up the post for the other top now! It'll be live on the blog tomorrow morning! And yes, I have found it much more appropriate for my active little girl too, but I love both tops!

  4. I love the top...I think the open back is cute! And is that an old tuperware cup? We had those with matching plates when I was a kid!

    1. Thanks, Teresa! And yes, that is an old Tupperware cup from a child's picnic/tea set I had growing up. I think we still have all the cups, the pitcher with lid, and at least 2 or 3 of the bowls. My mom saved pretty much everything!

  5. WOW! Adorable outfit & model!! She is SO cute! I like the open back but cannot wait to see the closed option as well! And those shorts, OMG! Can you say Fab-U-Lous?!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Great job, Veronica!!

  6. I love both styles. I love open backs for summer and the closed for fall and layering. Thanks for the review and giveaway!


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