Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun in the Sun Dress!

When I was shopping for fabric with my friend a few weeks ago, I saw this adorable embroidered seersucker at the store.  There were little pink cats, footballs, baby chicks, trains, and butterflies and flowers.  At the time, I didn't buy any, but I really wanted some of that fabric to make Ella an adorable outfit.  I just couldn't figure out exactly what to make though!

Well, after looking through the Kelly's Kids catalog some more, I made up my mind what I could make.  So, I bought some of the berry on white seersucker with embroidered butterflies and flowers to make Ella an adorable sundress. She loves purple and butterflies and flowers, so this was meant for her!

On page 23 of the Spring 2012 Kelly's Kids catalog, there is an adorable sundress made essentially like a pillowcase dress with a large ruffle at the bottom and bias tape ties at the shoulder.  So simple yet so adorable!

Sundress from Kelly's Kids
I decided this would be the perfect dress to make using the purple seersucker fabric I had purchased.  After a couple of hours of cutting and sewing, this is what I ended up making Ella.  Pretty much an exact copy of the $48 dress from Kelly's Kids!  I call it Ella's Fun in the Sun Dress!

Ella has worn this dress three times this week already.  She loves it!  The fabric is so soft and lightweight, and it is perfect for running around and playing.  I think I'll be buying some more seersucker fabric and putting together a couple more of these for the summer.

And if anyone is interested, I've got enough of this fabric to make one more dress (size 2T - 5T).  I'd be more than happy to make one and sell it at a fraction of the cost of the Kelly's Kids version!  Just send me an email or leave me a comment.

Now let me see what else I can find in this catalog to make!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Such a sweet little dress and beautiful fabric...

  2. If I had a little girl, I would be seriously tempted! Great job! Janelle

  3. She looks adorable in the dress, great job!

  4. I've been eyeing that catalog for dresses to make as well! Very cute dress!

  5. Oh my! That's a FABULOUS Idea!!! :) I have actually never heard of Kelly's kids, but I am looking now... I just might have to try one of these for my little girl!
    ps... found you via sew much ado comments.. lol I like to check out other sewing blogs, it's always fun! So I am your newest follower :)

  6. I love that dress! Are you planning on making a pattern for it? I would buy it!

    1. Kat, honestly, I haven't considered it, but you could easily make one using a pillowcase dress pattern. That is what I did. I just gathered the neckline and then sewed bias tape over the gathers. Then I used a piece of bias tape the width of my fabric and encased the armhole to form the shoulder ties. I cut two wide strips of fabric (at least 4 to 5"), sewed the ends together, hemmed one end, and gathered the other end to fit the bottom of the dress. Sew the ruffle on and the dress is done! Thanks for letting me know how much you like the dress. If I ever start making patterns, maybe I'll make one for this dress!


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