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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Bubblegum Coat Pattern

The fabulous Kate of See Kate Sew recently released an amazing collection of patterns, including the Bubblegum Coat, which I was most fortunate to test for her.

When I agreed to test this pattern for Kate, I had never before attempted to sew a coat or jacket. At first, I was intimidated by the idea of making a long-sleeved, buttoned-up, fully-lined garment, but once I read her pattern instructions, I was surprised at the simplicity of the entire design!

First of all, like all of Kate's other patterns, the illustrations and directions are clear and concise, and the level of detail is outstanding.

I used the sizing chart of the Bubblegum Coat Pattern to determine that my little girl needed the size 6. Ella is only 4 and a half, but she is tall and growing like a weed!  I knew the sleeves would be a little long, but I decided to keep the extra length so that the ends could be turned up to show off the beautiful lining fabric. As an added bonus, I'm sure Ella will be able to wear this coat next year, too!

Speaking of fabrics, the exterior is a wool fabric that I purchased nearly 20 years ago at the Piece Goods Shop (not even sure that chain still exists).  It must have been on sale because I had roughly 6 yards of it, but this project took less than 2 yards of that (it is 60" wide though).  I love the plaid and mix of fall colors!

For the lining, I used Anna Maria Horner's Loulou Thi in Summer Totem Strudel.  This fabric had all the colors used in the plaid, and because of the larger print, worked perfectly for the lining.  Oh, and did I mention that I happened to have 2 yards of it on hand already!  So no shopping for fabric was required to complete this project!

The brown buttons were rescued off a brown corduroy vest that I had purchased at Goodwill for 99 cents last year.  That was definitely worth the investment, plus I still have 4 or 5 buttons left!

The detailing of the coat is what makes it so special.  I love the cute little rounded pockets with a buttoned flap, and the subtle gathers on the front and back at the waist area add a sweet, feminine touch.

I'm already plotting the next Bubblegum Coat that I'll make Ella.  I'm considering a corduroy version or perhaps a lightweight coat made in all quilting cotton fabrics.  Oh, the possibilities!

You know you want the Bubblegum Coat Pattern, so just go buy it at See Kate Sew's Pattern Shop! You'll be glad you did!

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Meet Bella and Lou

I recently purchased the Sew Fab e-pattern bundle, and one of the first things I made was a Ruby Lou doll for my daughter.

The Ruby Lou Doll pattern is by Sew Much Ado and is one of 18 patterns included in the sale (read below how to purchase it along with 17 other patterns).  The pattern was so easy to follow because of the well written instructions and all the information included on the pattern pieces themselves.

I wanted my version to be as cute as the one on the pattern cover, so I laid out several fabric combinations and let Ella choose her favorite.  She picked out fabrics from Anna Marie Horner.  The body of the doll is Clippings in Cherry while the sleeves and one side of the skirt are Buoyancy in Butterberry.  The collar and leggings are Hugs and Kisses in Lime while the reverse side of the skirt is Triflora in Lipstick.

I didn't have any wool felt on hand at the time, so I just used craft felt for the shoes and hair.  I did check on wool felt at the store after I finished the doll, but it is very pricey even for the wool blended variety.  The craft felt seems to be holding up just fine.

To my surprise, when I gave the Ruby Lou doll to my daughter, my son was disappointed that I didn't make one for him.  He's 8 years old, and although he loves stuffed animals still, I had no idea he would have wanted a doll.  I immediately offered up to make him a boy version.

But here's the thing--the Sew Much Ado Ruby Lou Doll pattern only comes with a girl version of the doll!  No problem!

To make the boy version, I simply left off the strands of hair, skirt, the cutouts on the shoes, and eyelashes.  I then drafted a quick jeans pattern and whipped up a pair.  I also drafted a pattern piece to make a hood for the doll's shirt and cut out a couple of extra pieces of fabric to make a kangaroo style pocket on the front of the shirt.

When he's not wearing his jeans, he has on pj's (according to my son).

What I ended up with was this adorable boy doll that made my son's face light up (and my heart melt).  My son named him Lou.

Oh, and I forgot to mention.  Ella named her doll, Bella!  Meet the newest members of our family!

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Figgy Ayashe Blouse & Skirt Pattern Review

A few weeks ago, I won this fabulous Figgy Ayashe pattern from Jess over at Craftiness is Not Optional.  Thanks again, Jess!

This is the first (and currently only) Figgy pattern that I own, but after making this outfit, I would love to have a few of the others--say the Zephyr, the Scirocco, and of course, the Sunki!  All in all, I found the sizing and fit true to form.  This outfit has lots of details--like a mandarin collar and rolled hem on the blouse sleeves, and belt loops, buttonholes, pockets, and pleats on the skirt--making it somewhat challenging to sew.  It's definitely not a project for a beginner!

It took me days to decide on what fabric to use for the blouse, but I finally chose to use some beautiful voile that I had been holding on to for that perfect project.  Well, I think this was the perfect project for it alright!  I used Anna Marie Horner's Little Folks Voile in Dusk for the blouse, and I am just in love with how soft the fabric is on your skin.  Even better, my daughter loves it, too!

For the skirt, I used a khaki piece of cotton rip-stop fabric that I picked up as a remnant at Joann's.  This type of fabric is typically used for making outdoor gear or hiking pants, but I thought it would be cute for this skirt.  If you aren't familiar with rip-stop fabric, it has these tiny quarter inch squares woven into it that are suppose to prevent the fabric from ripping if you get a hole in it while hiking.  The fabric is all cotton, but because of those little squares woven into it, it is a little heavier in weight than normal quilting cotton.  It was very easy to sew with and made the finished skirt look super cute, in my opinion!

Buttonholes, pleats, and pocket details!

Lots of details:  pockets, pleats, and belt loops
While I didn't have any problems with the actual sewing of the blouse and skirt, I did have some difficulty understanding a few of the steps in the blouse instructions and illustrations, in particular the steps dealing with the facing and collar.  I just made sure to go slowly and really think everything through before actually sewing it all together, because like most of you, I do not like to use my seam ripper if I don't have to!  This was also the first time I have ever sewn with voile fabric, and I found it to be a little slippery and difficult to pin. Anyone else have that problem?

Pockets are fun!
I found the skirt instructions and illustrations to be very clear and easy to understand.  In fact, the skirt came together very quickly, and I just love all the details (pockets, buttonholes, belt loops, and pleats)!  I also like the fact that the skirt back has an elastic waistband that you can let out as your child grows.

And while I've read in other reviews of this pattern that people felt the neck opening was too small to fit their child's head through, I didn't have any issues with fit.  I made both pieces using size 4/5 for my 3-year-old who is tall, and I think the fit of both the blouse and skirt was near perfect!  My daughter had absolutely no complaints about either piece and loved wearing the outfit all day, although she never could make up her mind about which shoes she wanted to wear with it (she changed shoes 3 times)!

I'll definitely be making more blouses and skirts from this Figgy Ayashe pattern.  The entire outfit is preppy and fun and adorable all at the same time!  I'm now a Figgy fan and would recommend you become one, too!